Marriages and divorces

April 26, 2013


James A. Bronder, 32, Aurora, Colo., and Samantha A. Hribar, 27, Aurora, Colo.; Nicholas P. Bryan, 25, Harrod, and Sara M. Brite, 24, Harrod; Zachary R. Weber, 29, Tulsa, Okla., and Angela M. Daley, 28, Lima; Duane J. Allison, 26, Lima, and Heather M. Burchett, 25, Lima; Nicholas J. Guerrero Sr., 33, Lima, and Shannon M. Sampson, 33, Lima; Jeffery D. Nance Sr., 43, Lima, and Latoya M. Luke, 31, Lima; Edward F. Mason Sr., 63, Lima, and Betty J. Mason, 63, Lima; Carl D. Pryer Jr., 26, Harrod, and Jennifer R. Fett, 23, Lima; David A. Roach, 21, Lima, and Jessica R. Decker, 21, Lima; Thomas M. Hughes, 46, Lima, and Rebecca S. Williams, 54, Lima; Joseph A. Rodmaker, 32, Lima, and Mindy S. Callison, 33, Lima; Blake R. Cole, 33, Lima, and Elizabeth D. Hopson, 28, Lima; Brian S. Jennings Jr., 24, Lima, and Sonya M. Morales, 29, Lakeview; Toby R. Adams, 38, Lima, and Audrey M. Engberg, 30, Lima; Tyler E. Settlemire, 22, Lima, and Jennifer A. Nuesmeyer, 22, Lima; Michael A. Silver, 51, Van Wert, and Pamela L. Perkins, 38, Lima; Joshua J. Snyder, 27, Lima, and Katherine L. Williams, 23, Lima; David S. Andrews, 26, Lima, and Katelyn C. Lamoreau, 25, Lima; Charles P. Quatman, 31, Lima, and Wendy M. Huffer, 26, Wapakoneta; Steven C. Shepherd, 22, Lima, and Gabrielle N. Deubler, 21, Alger; Lequory Q. Secession, 32, Lima, and Erica N. Russell, 30, Lima; Christopher J. Sehlhorst, 30, Lima, and Mary E. Klein, 26, Lima; Devin A. Swygart, 25, Lima, and Beth A. Walters, 21, Lima; William E. Sellers, 48, Lima, and Janice A. Fischbach, 49, Mansfield; Steven R. Gardner, 25, Lima, and Amber M. Stant, 25, Lima; Matthew J. Creech, 32, Lima, and Maria P. Dirkans, 45, Lima.


Daniel E. and Barbara A. Smith; Peggy S. and Michael B. Baker; Carol A. and Brian Stumpf; Crystal R. and Daniel J. Bercaw; Kendall and Shawnte Long; Crystal and Che Pitts; Rebecca and Kenneth Spradlin; Davieda and Damon A. Townsend; Amy D. and Christopher M. Mercer; Lee P. and Catherine E. Meeks; Cassie J. and Everett E. King; Dianna J. and Terry L. Holmes.