Letter: Tough teachers make lasting impact

April 23, 2013

Tough teachers make lasting impact

When I was a student at Elida, I had the opportunity to have Ms. Pam Greer as my psychology teacher. While we did study all of the main figures of psychology and hit upon many topics of interest, Ms. Greer required a written portion to the class that was more detailed than any English class I had ever taken. While I loved the rest of her teaching style, oh how I wished we would stop worrying about saying what youíre going to say and then saying it and then saying what you said and just get to the exciting parts. This was psychology, not English!

When I walked into The Ohio State University as a freshman, my writing skills really helped me to excel because of the nine months Ms. Greer spent drilling me on how to write a paper. After completing my bachelorís degree in Psychology, writing a professorís lectures paid for a good portion of my masterís degree. I never met an English teacher or professor who taught writing as well as my psychology teacher at Elida did.

The Ms. Greers of Elida are the people that are or are not going to be there for our kids, or are not going to have the time and resources to properly influence them. Do I understand everything? No. But then again, I didnít like the English portion of psychology either. Thank you to all the Ms. Greers of Elida that are touching lives every day. Whether they are fully appreciated at the time, their influence can be life-changing. Let us help them in any way we can, and reap the rewards for years to come.

ó Jim Patton, Elida