Letter: Replacement levy helps all of Perry Township

April 17, 2013

Replacement levy helps all of Perry Township

I have been involved with Perry Township since 1971, first with Perry fire and rescue for 14 years and then 18 years as zoning inspector. I attend regular meetings and work sessions. I have been involved in several discussions concerning the placement of the one-mill levy on the ballot to replace a fire department levy. The new levy will generate $92,718 in the general fund while the fire department levy being replaced would generate $79,533 that can only be used for the fire department. The placement of the new levy and removal of the fire levy will generate a net increase of $13,185 in township revenues. This will not affect the operation of the fire department. The fire department is in a strong financial position at this time.

Perry Township is facing a cut of $112,806 in state funds. The $92,718 from the new levy will replace only 82 percent of the lost revenue. This revenue can be used for all departments, including roads and police.The township is in a strong financial position and this levy will maintain that position with all departments. This levy will raise taxes on a $100,000 home $8.

In my personal life I try to move my money as needed to maintain a strong financial position and I am happy to see our trustees doing the same with our tax monies.

Please vote yes on the replacement levy.

Bob Murphy, Perry Township