Wanted: Our mothers’ skills

April 15, 2013

We have a way of taking our mothers‚?? skills for granted.

But one day, we wake up craving the dish she was known for. Or regretting the fact that we didn‚??t pay attention to her extremely handy skills like sewing, canning or budgeting. Or perhaps your mother was good at other things, like innately knowing tricks to beautify every space, no matter how pathetic.

But we always think the generation that comes before has old-fashioned ideas, and sometimes we scoff when we should be taking notes.

The Lima News wants to hear stories about your mother‚??s abilities. What skill does she have or did she have that you wish you had learned?

We‚??ll publish these stories on Mother‚??s Day, May 12, in honor of every mother out there. And, we‚??ll do the same theme for Father‚??s Day, so check back for details.

Send to:

Adrienne McGee Sterrett

Lifestyle/Special Sections Editor

The Lima News

3515 Elida Road

Lima, OH 45807

Attn: Mother‚??s Day


Things to send:

‚?Ę Your name

‚?Ę Your address and daytime phone number (will not be published)

‚?Ę Your story, in 300 words or less

‚?Ę Your mother‚??s name

‚?Ę A photo of you and your mother

To be included, stories are due by noon Monday, May 6.

Questions? Call Adrienne at 419-993-2072.

Mother's Day