Substitute makes student's recipe unique

April 14, 2013

LIMA — Alex Moore’s mother may soon be crying the blues.

“She says she’s going to be lost when I go off to college,” he said, explaining he does most of the cooking for the family.

Moore is a senior at Lima Senior High School, and he’s in his second year of the culinary program there. It’s a program his older brother also took, so he decided to give it try, he said.

“It’s always interested me,” Moore said of the culinary arts. “I tried it out, and it was just something that I was naturally good at.”

He is studying up on his basic skills that he feels will give him a good start for culinary school. He’s interested in a few schools out of state but hasn’t decided yet.

“Someday, I want to own my own restaurant and be a head chef,” Moore said.

The recipe he shares today had its start at school last year. His assignment was to make dishes for several different courses. Moore remembers searching the internet for ideas, and he came across several recipes for chicken alfredo. The heavy cream called for wasn’t in the school’s pantry, but he had an idea for a substitute.

“I had cream cheese, so I thought I’d try that,” he said. It’s been a hit ever since.

Moore’s favorite part about food?

“It’s a good way to express yourself. It can really change your mood … a good meal can really change your day.”

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Alex Moore