Spotlight of Ford

April 11, 2013

The Ford Motor Company has always been careful to provide high-performance vehicles within the budgetary limitations of the average consumer.

In the early 20th century, this enhanced the productive capacity of humanity as Ford cars reached critical mass. This commitment to the provision of affordable and technologically advanced machines persists; Ford is leading the charge in the pursuit of energy efficiency.

The Fiesta gets 40 MPG fuel efficiency at a price that most consumers can easily afford. This vehicle satisfies the demand for an inexpensive and practical car that offers innovative features.

Voice activation, satellite radio, and Bluetooth compatibility make your new Ford into a convenient media center.

The Fusion series includes a hybrid version that gets well over 40 mpg. This is one of the more affordable entries into the hybrid genre. The market calls for efficient, affordable, and innovative new vehicles, and Ford is prepared to meet this challenge.

Ford also continues to dominate the truck market with its recently redesigned F-150 pickup. This truck not only offers the kind of raw power and durability to do the toughest jobs, but it also has the refinement of a luxury car. Whether doing hard work at a job site or traveling across America in comfort, the F-150 is designed to do it all.

Itís another reason the Ford name will stand for value in the years to come.

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