Stephanie's savings

April 7, 2013

This week you’ll find one Smartsource and two Redplum inserts with lots of coupons to help you save at the store.

How to Coupon

This week’s lesson is how to save money on prescription medication, plus getting little bonuses as well. Each store has their own little way to get you to use their pharmacy. Wal-Mart offers $4 prescriptions, while Meijer offers free prescriptions, all in attempts to get you to do your shopping in their store. Some pharmacy stores such as CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid will offer $25 gift cards when you transfer your prescription to their store. Here is the breakdown on how a few stores work. Please note that all prescription programs and/or coupons cannot be use for with Medicare or Medicaid. This is a government rule; it is not at the store’s discretion.

Kroger will give you points when you use your Kroger Plus card and the Kroger pharmacy. If you live in that area this is a great way to build up points and get a discount on gas.

Sometimes Rite Aid has coupons in their flyer for you to use when you transfer a prescription. You will still pay for your prescriptions, but you’ll get a $25 gift card to use at the store. If they do not have these coupons in the flyer, simply ask the pharmacist if there are any coupons out to transfer prescriptions.

CVS will randomly offer $25 gift cards when you transfer prescriptions to their pharmacy as well. These coupons are usually found by the pharmacy.

Remember the Catalina coupons I mentioned a while back? Well, there are Catalina coupons for the pharmacy that print at random. There is no trick getting these. Sometimes you’ll luck out and find one near the register. These coupons will state “Save $20 off your next Meijer or Meijer Gas purchase when you use the Meijer Pharmacy.” So, when you get a new prescription filled at Meijer and present this coupon, you will get a $20 Catalina coupon back to spend in the store.

A few weeks ago I picked up a prescription that cost $6, and I still received the $20 Catalina coupon. Last week, I was able to use my $20 coupon toward a great deal. I was able to purchase two pairs of kids shoes on clearance for $5 a pair (down from $20), one large bottle of Cheer laundry detergent, one regular size bottle of Tide, one regular size bottle of Gain, and two packs of Cascade Complete tabs. I paid $13 out of pocket including tax, plus earned a $10 gift card because of the P&G promotion. My final cost was $3! Meijer prescriptions are reasonably priced, in my opinion, and they will price match Wal-Mart. They also have several free antibiotics. The coupons exclude free antibiotics.

Wal-Mart does not offer any type of rewards program for their pharmacy. However, they have several $4 prescriptions that they can offer their customers. So, if you don’t have a pharmacy coupon for Meijer, then head over to Wal-Mart to have your prescription filled.

Kmart also runs promotions where they give $25 prescriptions to transferred and possibly new prescriptions. Please visit your local store for details.

Tips: In the lesson I mentioned “transferred prescription.” Please note that’s exactly what it means. Most drug stores want you to transfer a prescription that has already been filled. The coupons at Meijer say with any new or transferred prescription. So, watch the wording on your coupon.

Deals this week: Grab laundry detergent for just 88 cents this week at CVS when you scan your CVS coupon at the coupon center. Poise pads are free after you use the $3 off coupon. Purex detergent at Rite Aid is on sale for buy one get two free!