Letter: Time is now to say 'no' to industrial wind turbines!

April 3, 2013

Time is now to say ‘no’

to industrial wind turbines!

Do not support the transmission lines being constructed in Allen County. This will only bring more wind turbines to the surrounding counties. Iberdrola Renewables which is headquartered in Spain, and Horizon Wind operates as a subsidiary of EDP-Energias of Portugal, S.A.

Is this where you want your money to go…oversees? Go to under wind power: BP Wind Energy is quoted as saying “government support is crucial in ensuring the expansion of wind power.” Developers say that wind generation in competitive — what they don’t’ say is that it is only competitive after they figured in your tax money in the form of tax credits and subsidies. Please call the Allen County commissioners and let them know you do not want transmission lines for the wind turbines.

- Mary Klausing, Delphos