Marriages and divorces

March 29, 2013


Cheng Tan, 27, Lima, and Jieyan Zhang, 26, Lima; Jamie R. Davis, 40, Lima, and Lisa A. Conley, 27, Ada; John J. VanBuskirk, 39, Lima, and Michelle M. Lotz, 35, Lima; Brian M. Wical Sr., 25, Lima, and Jessica S. Sasada, 25, Lima; Cory A. Coats, 23, Beaverdam, and Brittany N. Miller, 20, Beaverdam; Thomas A. Luchini III, 21, Lima, and Lindsey D. Moore, 20, Lima; Michael J. Simonson, 31, Saskatchewan, Canada, and Rebecca L. Manny, 30, Elida; Jerald L. Spiller Jr., 42, Lima, and Cheryl L. Focht, 50, Lima; Robert J. Gehr Jr., 57, Elida, and Marna M. Rahrig, 46, Elida; Quintez D. Frazier, 30, Lima, and Kayla E. Wood, 22, Lima; Edward E. Henry, 25, Lima, and Darlene L. Russell, 31, Lima; Aaron M. Brown, 23, Lima, and Darcy R. McKenzie, 23, Lima; Jacob B. McGee Sr., 29, Lima, and Teara S. Edwards, 23, Elida; Joseph D. Miller, 22, Elida, and Andrea R. Wicker, 25, Elida; Chad W. Diller, 29, Harrod, and Michelle R. DeLong, 27, Ada; Timothy L. Miller, 32, Lima, and Meagan M. Mangini, 30, Lima; Jeffrey L. Snyder, 39, Lima, and Nicole L. Coppler, 33, Lima; Jon E. Swisher, 42, Bluffton, and Jody A. Grote, 32, Bluffton; Tyler J. Etgen, 22, Delphos, and Heather R. Kennedy, 24, Harrod; Jeremiah J. Slaght, 26, Lima, and Ashley M. Burden, 26, Lima.


Megan J. and Jacob M. Rigg; Aaron and Lyndsey Smith; Joseph A. and Kelly L. Shaw; Lindsey A. and Joshua V. Kaiser; Melissa M. and Dominic A. Freeman; Christine and Eric J. Hernandez; Charlene J. and Mathew D. Horn; James M. and Krystina A. Pavel; Darryl and Gloria Taylor; Richard A. and Kathi L. Weems; Stephany D. Barth and Khuzaymah Al Nubu.