March 25, 2013

St. Rita’s Medical Center

March 21 — Jessica Gibson and Camron Kelley, Lima, girl.

March 22 — Gina and Dominic Inkrott, Leipsic, girl; Kathy and Troy Hangbolt, Lakeview, boy; Alison and Brian Laubenthal, Columbus Grove, boy; Jenna Randolph and Brock Crist, Cridersville, girl; April Olmstead and Benji Mihm, St. Marys, boy; Renni and Scott Neidert, Fort Jennings, girl.

Lima Memorial Health System

March 21 — Hayley Morales and Brandon Smiley, Lima, girl.

March 22 — Lindsay and Herb Chaney, New Bremen, girl; Autumn and Joshua Cole, Ada, girl.

March 23 — Amber Wright and Shawn Petaway, Lima, girl.