Letter: Lima schools propose a rose for the Roses

March 22, 2013

A rose for the Roses

The Lima City Schools believes that both Ben and Nancy Rose deserve a “Rose” for their dedication and perseverance in bringing Fred Newman of “Prairie Home Companion” in to the Lima community on March 15, 16 and 17.

Fred Newman spent time on March 15 with Lima City School pupils in grades three through 12 dazzling them with his talented storytelling skills.

On Saturday evening a fundraiser was held at St. Luke Lutheran Church with a Fred Newman presentation. The proceeds from this fundraiser went directly to the Lima City Schools Arts Program.

On Sunday, Fred Newman participated in the Lima Area Youth Orchestra production, which included the Lima Senior High School Masterworks Ensemble and pianist Ed Zickafoose.

It was an awesome weekend with Fred Newman for the Lima community all thanks to Ben and Nancy Rose who have spent three years to get the schedules set and details planned for him to come here. It was done with unselfish motivation; just a desire to bring someone fun for all ages to Lima.

As Lima City Schools Spartan alumni, it is clear to see that both Ben and Nancy believe in Lima. They deserve to be recognized with a “Rose.”

— Jill Ackerman, Lima

Lima City Schools Superintendent