Letter: Ray Magnus reports were enlightening, heartfelt

March 21, 2013

Reports from Ray Magnus

were enlightening, heart-felt

The reports sent to The Lima News from Ray Magnus during his return trip to Vietnam were very well written and enlightening. You could feel and understand how he felt on this journey, and also get a glimpse how the people of Vietnam felt about the war as well as their love for their country. And, with each report, it was almost like we went there with him.

It was a place we’ll never go, but it was a place he needed to go back to. And how wonderful that he found peace and forgiveness on that beach at 3 in the morning.

I hope every man and woman who ever served our country or currently is serving, gets the opportunity to read Ray’s reports. And all of us who are citizens of this country forever and always have deep respect for men and women who served in Vietnam and all wars, and pass it on to our children and grandchildren.

God bless you Ray Magnus.

— Shirley Blockberger, Spencerville, VFW Auxiliary Chaplain of Spencerville Post 6772