Culinary student finds niche

March 17, 2013

LIMA Shaquayla Flowers has found her niche.

The junior is in her first year of the culinary program at Lima Senior High School.

"I like to cook," Flowers said. "I started helping my grandma and them cook when I was like 5."

The quiet girl learned the skills from a young age, as her mother also enjoys baking, and decided to try the program at Lima Senior.

When instructor Misty Lee asked her to bake cookies one day, she succeeded. Lee has amassed a collection of recipes over the years, and the recipe Flowers excels at is Neiman Marcus Cookies. This cookie recipe was once an email fad, bouncing around the country attached to a phony story. (Remember? A customer was charged $250 for the recipe when she thought it was $2.50 and decided to distribute it widely as revenge.)

The unexpected part: The recipe makes a delicious cookie.

"It's probably the cookies I make the most," Flowers said. "Miss Lee knows I'm good at them."

Flowers really enjoys the recipe.

"They're good, first off," she said. "They're like chocolate chip cookies, but I like them better because of the oatmeal."

Flowers likes to bake and cook, but baking is her favorite. She would like to make food a career.

"Baking is fun. You can just be creative," she said. "And Miss Lee, she's a real good teacher."

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