Police calls

March 16, 2013

Elm and Pine streets, Lima Police arrested a 63-year-old man Friday who was walking down the street with crack cocaine with him.

433 S. Main St., Lima A 34-year-old man found $1,000 in a parking lot Thursday at the Central Fire Station. The money was in one dollar bills and it was found in a container.

400 block of Elmwood Place, Lima A 36-year-old man reported Friday someone kicked in the door to her home Friday.

2300 block of North Cole Street, Lima A 21-year-old man reported Thursday someone broke into his apartment and stole jewelry.

600 block of South Elizabeth Street, Lima A 23-year-old woman reported Thursday someone broke into her garage.

500 block of East Vine Street, Lima A 23-year-old man reported Thursday someone removed the door trim to gain access to the latch and open the door to the home. Inside the burglar stole numerous electronic items.

700 block of Dingledine Avenue, Lima A 30-year-old woman reported Wednesday someone smashed her car windshield.

500 block of Tremont Avenue, Lima A 54-year-old man reported Wednesday someone broke into his home and stole his computer.