Officials oppose weight limit change

March 15, 2013

LIMA - Allen County officials expressed their opposition Thursday to pending legislation that could raise the weight limit of trucks from the current 80,000 pounds to 90,000 pounds.

At a press conference, Allen County Engineer Tim Piper, the president of the County Engineers Association of Ohio, said extra weight could create problems with bridges that couldn’t carry the extra weight or more bridges with posted weight limits. He also voiced concerns that heavier truck loads take longer to stop.

House Bill 35, a transportation bill, includes an amendment by state Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napoleon, increasing the weight limits of state highways.

Other officials opposing the change included Howard Elstro, public works director for Lima; Jerry Gilden, a Marion Township trustee and president of the Allen County Township Association; Roy Hollenbacher, a Bath Township Trustee, and Jay Begg, Allen County Commissioner.