Stephanie's Savings

March 14, 2013

There are some nice coupons out today that includes two inserts: Redplum and Smart Source. Check out the $3 off razor coupon in the Smart Source and the P&G coupons located in the Redplum insert.

How to coupon:

This week’s coupon lesson is how to shop at Kroger. Kroger’s ad does not start until Monday, unlike most of the store deals we see coming out on Sunday. Kroger store coupon policies vary by region so check with your local store before you head there. Most Kroger stores have recently stopped doubling coupons, but they are lowering their prices to try making up the difference in savings. Many consumers are frustrated with this new rule, but it was partially implemented to cut down on shelf clearing and the misuse of coupons. Misuse at any store can cost the store lots of money and it becomes worthless for the store to allow customers to use coupons. If the store allows customers to use coupons that they will not be paid for they will lose money and eventually this will cause the price of items to rise. Manufacturers have cracked down, especially since the release of TLC’s "Extreme Couponing." If a store accepts a coupon that does not match the product, the store is not paid.

Even without doubling coupons, Kroger still seems like a great place to shop. It’s very comparable to Meijer, so depending on where you live this may just be the couponing grocery store for you! To shop at Kroger you will need a Kroger Plus Card. This is a free card that allows you to get store prices and earn points. When you look at the Kroger ad you’ll see the “with card” price. This is the price you pay as long as you the card. You can sign up online at and use your phone number at the store or sign up in the store and they will give you an actual card.

Use your card at Kroger when you shop to earn Kroger Rewards. You can earn one point for every dollar spent. Keep in mind that coupons count as cash since the store will be reimbursed for them. You will earn 50 points for each prescription filled, not just new, but filled at Kroger. Each week Kroger has items in their ad that earn you double points. For the first 500 points you earn you’ll get a $5 gift certificate. Earn one dollar for each additional 100 points collected. Reward checks are mailed out four times per year. If you bring your own shopping bags to the store to support “going green,” you’ll earn 10 points for each transaction. By using your Kroger card this allows Kroger to email you personalized coupons based on the products that you purchase. Gift cards purchased at Kroger are worth double points. For example if you purchase a $25 gift card, you’ll earn 50 points! Kroger gift cards are excluded.

You can also save on your fuel at Kroger by using your Kroger Plus Card. You can use 1,000 fuel points from your Kroger card to save $1 off one fill up at the Kroger gas station. You can also use 100 points at Shell gas station to receive 10 cents off one fill up.

So how do coupons actually work at Kroger? Well, without doubling the coupon amount is deducted from the price of the item. For stores that double you will get a little extra savings. Kroger limits consumers to four identical coupons per person per day on paper coupons and only two identical printable coupons per person per day. This of course can vary by store. Kroger has digital coupons that you can load to your Kroger card. You simply go to a few websites, sign up your card, and load them to your card. This allows you to go shopping without paper coupons, however these coupons do not double, so it’s still best to take those paper coupons with you. If you have a paper version of a coupon and your store is still doubling coupons, make sure you not clip an identical coupon because it will take that one first. You can load up to 150 digital coupons at once to your card. You can see various websites at that allow you to load manufacturer coupons to your Kroger card.