Police calls for Wednesday, March 13

March 13, 2013

Police calls as of 9:20 a.m. Wednesday, March 13 from the Allen County Sheriff’s Office and the Lima Police Department:

7000 block of Faulkner Road, Harrod — On Monday, 31-year-old woman reported someone asked a minor for naked pictures.

1500 block of Leland Avenue, Lima — On Monday, a 21-year-old woman reported an unknown person ransacked her home. Beds were flipped, tables broken, the refrigerator pushed over, dressers knocked over and her television knocked to the floor. She was not sure if anything was taken.

800 block of West Wayne Street, Lima — On Monday, a 29-year-old woman reported an unknown person threw a snowball through her window, breaking the glass.

2100 block of Lake Circle Drive, Lima — On Monday, a 48-year-old woman reported someone flattened her car tires.

612 S. Leonard Ave., Lima — On Tuesday afternoon, a person was intoxicated at the Econ-O-Wash laundromat.

1100 block of Roush Road, Lima — On Tuesday, a 27-year-old woman reported an unknown person opened two Verizon Wireless accounts in her name. Both accounts are now past due on payments.

2250 Harding Highway, Lima — On Tuesday, a Kmart employee reported two patrons concealed store merchandise and left without paying.

6400 block of Bluelick Road, Lima — On Tuesday, a 43-year-old man found a mailbox on the road with the post still attached. The address number on it is 6975. After searching for the owner, the mailbox was turned into the Sheriff’s Office for safe keeping.

People charged with misdemeanor offenses are not identified in this column, but are identified through published court dispositions. This column is only a sample of available reports.