Letter: County Road 5 now dangerous

March 6, 2013

County Road 5 now dangerous

I can’t believe it. Last Friday morning a tractor-trailer from California driven by a man with an invalid CDL ran the stop sign on our freshly widened, safety-improved Road 5 “truck route” where it meets U.S. Route 224, and hit an unsuspecting couple from Montpelier in their passenger car.

How could this happen?

Vince Schroeder, you said the road would be safer.

I hope that couple sues you, John Love, the county, and the state! They’re lucky they’re not dead. You guys shoved this road project down our throats; now we’ll see what it will cost you! I’ve said before that we need stop lights where County Road 5 intersects with U.S. Route 224 and state Route 613. When will that happen? Maybe when more people get hit by 80,000-pound rigs and are injured or killed?? Oh, and did I mention the trucks backing across Road 5 without assistance when they’re lost? That’s real safe, now, isn’t it?

On another note, my wife and I are sure loving all these trucks roaring past our house at Roads 5 and 0 during all hours, some blowing their horns (God knows why) and applying their jake brakes. I’m sure our neighbors are enjoying it, too. Thank you, Vince and John. How about both of you coming out here and spending the night sometime? I dare you!

— Ray Morris, Pandora