Ultimate comfort food: Vegetable beef soup

February 24, 2013

LIMA Joyce Roby burst into the church fellowship hall, in a hurry to get things going for the soup supper that night.

She and her husband go to New Creation Lutheran Church on Allentown Road, and the church has a Lenten soup and bread supper and church service on Wednesdays.

The scent of vegetable soup wafted under the noses of all present, a warm, comforting smell on a cold, snowy night.

Roby makes a lot of soup this time of year.

"I like it in the winter, when it's cold," she said. "You can make it and you can eat it for days."

Roby is originally from London, Ohio. Her husband is from St. Marys. Her girlfriend happened to be his cousin, which is how they met and hit it off. They have four children.

Roby enjoys being involved in her church, from preparing meals to singing in the choir for the church's Saturday praise service. They're rehearsing the Easter cantata now. (Mark your calendar for 7 p.m. March 17.)

"I just help out with about everything," she said.

When Roby was growing up, she remembers enjoying cleaning house while her sister enjoyed cooking so, naturally, her sister was better in the kitchen. She remembers one meal she served distinctly, and the memory still makes her laugh.

"My dad said, 'Pass the dumplings,'" she said. "I started crying. I said, 'That's gravy.'"

Why does she like to cook?

"I don't," she said, laughing again. "If I had it my way, I'd go out to eat every night."

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