Red Cross hosts annual Mardi Gras party

February 22, 2013

LIMA — Grab some beads and get ready to party at the seventh annual Red Cross Mardi Gras, being held Saturday at Memorial Hall.

“This is always a good time of year to host a big party,” said Brenda Mead of the Red Cross. “People have been holed up in their house for a while, and this gives them a chance to get out, meet their friends and enjoy themselves for a while.”

And if that’s not enough incentive, the always popular Cincinnati-based band, The Menus, will bring the fun.

“This group has a big following. They are a very entertaining band. They play classic rock, and they wear different costumes and just really put on a show. They are a draw for a variety of ages,” said Karen Jantzi of the Red Cross.

In fact, the band is so popular they are making a return appearance to the event.

“They’ve been here the last two years, and they’re very good. Just a lot of fun,” Jantzi said.

Along with music and dancing by The Menus, the night will include wings and popcorn, and drinks.

“This event is one of our two main fundraisers,” Jantzi said. “The money raised goes to a great cause. Just look what has happened in the past year. We’ve helped fire victims, we’ve done blood collections. Wherever the need, we’re there."

The Menus perform