1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible

February 15, 2013

BLUFFTON — The GTO was the product of Pontiac engineer Russell Gee, an engine specialist; Bill Collins, a chassis engineer; and Pontiac chief engineer John DeLorean. They transformed the redesigned Tempest into a “Super Tempest” with the larger 389 cu in Pontiac V8 engine. By promoting the big-engine Tempest as a special high-performance model, they could appeal to the speed-minded youth market. They succeeded in all aspects with their GTO. In 1965 GTO carried over from the '64, but the front end was redesigned and featured stacked dual headlamps, a recessed grille without horizontal bars, chrome ribbed tail lamps. Inside, the '65 GTO shared its interior with the upscale "LeMans" version of the Tempest and could be had with a new set of "Rally Gauges" that included a 120-mph speedometer, 8,000 rpm tach and water temp and oil pressure gauges. Again, this appealed to the speed-demon consumer. Pontiac sold 75,342 of their 1965 Pontiac GTO.

Joe Tschuor, of Bluffton, brought his 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible to The Lima News' Real Wheels Cruise-In. He has owned it for 19 years.