Seven students receive perfect scores at Putnam science fair

February 14, 2013

The 59th annual Putnam County Science Fair was held at Glandorf Elementary School on Saturday, February 9, 2013. Twenty-four pairs of judges evaluated 128 student projects from Putnam County students in grades 6-9. Individual projects were judged on a forty-point scale (team projects were judged on a fifty-point scale), which evaluated knowledge achieved, effective use of scientific method, clarity of expression, and originality and creativity. Projects receiving a score of 36-40 (45-50 for teams) were awarded a superior rating, those receiving scores of 24-35 (30-44) were awarded an excellent rating, those receiving 12-23 (15-29) were awarded a good rating, and those receiving 4-11 (5-14) were awarded a satisfactory rating.

The Awards Ceremony began by taking a moment to recognize Mr. Jim Kieffer for close to 40 years of support at the Putnam County Science Fair.  Mr. Kieffer received a throw blanket in appreciation for his continued support of Putnam County students.  Additionally, Mr. Jack Williams, municipal director for the Village of Ottawa, and Dr. Jan Osborn, superintendent of the Putnam County Educational Service Center, spoke briefly about a new partnership between the Village of Ottawa and the nine local school districts in respect to effects of manure on water quality in the area.


Seven students received a Perfect Score of 40 on their projects. They included Madison Heckman and Tyler Ebbeskotte from Glandorf Elementary; Kelsey Miller from Continental; Abigail Hilvers and Alexis Thorbahn from Ottoville; Victoria Warnecke from St. Anthony’s; and Abby Schroeder from Miller City-New Cleveland.  These students received Perfect Score plaques for their accomplishments.  Ottoville Bank Company, First National Bank of Pandora, Huntington Bank, First Federal Bank of Ottawa and Fort Jennings State Bank sponsored these plaques.

Sixty-seven Putnam County students received superior ratings.  Students receiving a superior rating in the Behavioral and Social Sciences field were Alexis Thorbahn, Brittany Schleeter, Emitt German and Maizee Brinkman from Ottoville; Madison Langhals from St. Anthony’s; and Emily Niese, Cody Ellerbrock and Mark Kuhlman from Miller City-New Cleveland.

Four individual projects and one team project earned superior ratings in the field of Microbiology.  They were the team of Taylor Lucke and Kierstan Siebeneck from Kalida; Brendan Siefker from Ottoville; Ryan Tabler from St. Anthony’s; and Jeremy DeMuth and Dominic Schroeder from Miller City-New Cleveland.

Four students received a superior rating in the Botany field.  They are Tyler Ebbeskotte from Glandorf; Victoria Warnecke and Taylor Ellerbrock from St. Anthony’s; and Claire Westrick from Miller City-New Cleveland.

Students receiving superior ratings in the Chemistry field were Megan Warnimont from Miller City-New Cleveland; Makayla Miller, Kali Lindeman and Jon Knippen from Ottoville; Ryan Hoersten, Kyle Maag and Marissa Krietemeyer from Fort Jennings.

One team project and six individual projects earned a superior rating in the Environmental Sciences field.  They included the team of Rachel Kahle and Alecia Dunn of Kalida; Abigail Hilvers of Ottoville; Emily Annesser, Matthew Ketner and Amanda Siebeneck of Glandorf; Ashley Mansfield of Continental; and Erin Eickholt of Fort Jennings.

The students receiving superiors in the Engineering category were the team of Thomas Waldick and Bryce Hoehn from Ottoville; Abby Schroeder from Miller City-New Cleveland; Jacob Kahle from Kalida; and Adam Birkemeier from St. Anthony’s.

In the Medicine and Health area those students receiving superior ratings were the teams of Taylor Zeller and Kamryn Webkin, Anna Berhide and Sarah Klausing, Braden Decker and Carter Moore and Trevor Wurth and Dillon Elkins from Kalida; Kelsey Miller from Continental; Madison Heckman and Claire Crumrine from Glandorf; Dillon Schimmoeller from Fort Jennings; Megan Burgei, Cody Kemper and Nicole Williams from Ottoville; Austin Wagner and Cameron Hoellrich from Miller City-New Cleveland; and Addison Bonnell from St. Anthony’s.

Several students received superior ratings in the Physics category.  They were the team of Josh Klausing and Connor Niese from Kalida; Alex Hoehn, Brad Schmitz and Jonathan Turnwald from Glandorf; Clayton Schnipke from Ottoville; and Kyle Schroeder from St. Anthony’s.

In the Zoology field, the students receiving a superior rating were the team of Alicia Burgei and Anna Selhost of St. Anthony’s; and Karenna Langhals a home schooled student.

Rebecca Violet from Ottoville and Justin Schnipke of Miller City-New Cleveland received superiors in the Earth and Space Science category.  

One team and four individual students earned superiors in Biochemistry.  They included the team of Kyona Gray and Jaylen Vandemark of Kalida and Hannah Warn of Kalida; Grace Cech, a home schooled student; Jordan Drummelsmith of Miller City-New Cleveland; and Cassandra Kemper of Ottoville.

In addition to student recognition for perfect and superior scores, 49 sponsored plaques were handed out in individual fields of entry.  The Agriculture Awards, sponsored by Ottawa Feed and Grain, were won by Justin Schnipke of Miller City-New Cleveland for his project titled “Location in Putnam County or Organic Material” and by Karenna Langhals, a home schooled student for her project “Confined vs. Pastured Chickens”.

The Behavioral Science/Mental Health Services Awards, sponsored by the Pathways Counseling Center, were won by Alexis Thorbahn of Ottoville for her project “Age vs. Gender” and by Kyle Hellman of Fort Jennings for his project “Girls Pink? Boys Blue?”.

Town and Country Flowers sponsored the Botany Awards given to Tyler Ebbeskotte of Glandorf for “Adding Bananas to Pepper Plants” and to Victoria Warnecke of St. Anthony’s for “Planting Depth for Lettuce”.

Tucker's Pharmacy of Ottawa gave a Chemistry Award to Makayla Miller of Ottoville for “Burning Rate of Candles”.  Furthermore, Wal-Mart Pharmacy gave a Chemistry Award to Jon Knippen also of Ottoville for “Metal Corrosion”.

The Conservation Award, sponsored by the Putnam County Soil and Water Conservation District, was won by Jeremy DeMuth of Miller City for his project titled “The Effect of a Municipal Waste Water Treatment Process on Bacteria”.

The Dairy-Related Award, sponsored by Leipsic Veterinary Service, was awarded to Dominic Schroeder of Miller City for his project “Do Livestock Farms Increase Antimicrobial Resistance”.

The Putnam County Dental Association sponsored two awards that were won by Brendan Siefker of Ottoville for “Garlic: Gimmick or Great” and by Megan Burgei also of Ottoville for “The Corrosiveness of Beverages”.

The Ecological Conservation Awards, sponsored by Black Swamp Audubon Society, were won by Kristen Ellerbrock of Glandorf for “Effect of Color on Sparrow Attraction” and by Emily Annesser of Glandorf for “To What Extent Does the Amount of Sunlight Affect Species in Vernal Pools”.

The Energy awards, sponsored by the Dominion Gas, were won by Abby Schroeder of Miller City for her project titled “The Effect of Cruising Speed, Acceleration, and Deceleration on a Car’s Gas Mileage” and by Drew Grone of Fort Jennings for the project titled “Hydropower vs. Wind Power”.

The Technicon Design Group, Inc. sponsored two awards in the area of Engineering that were won by Adam Birkemeier of St. Anthony’s for “How Do Wind Turbines Affect Radio Waves?” and by Jacob Kahle of Kalida for “Roof Pitch Efficiency”.  PreTalen also sponsored an Engineering award that included a cash prize and was given to Adam Birkemeier of St. Anthony’s as well.

Glandorf Warehouse sponsored an Environmental Award that was won by Derek Kemper of Ottoville for “Green Basketball”.  Crop Production Services, Leipsic, sponsored two additional Environmental Awards that were given to Alexander Burgei of Ottoville for “Effects of Inorganic and Organic Fertilizer on Corn Seed Germination” and by Adam Howbert of Fort Jennings for “Soil Types and Runoff”.

The three Human Health and Physiology Awards, sponsored by St. Rita’s Ambulatory Care Center, were won by Jordan Drummelsmith of Miller City for “What Effect Does the Origin of a Scent Have On A Student’s Ability to Smell”, Addison Bonnell of St. Anthony’s for “Are Fingerprints Inherited” and by Madison Heckman of Glandorf for “How Do Different Physical Activity Levels Affect EKGs?”.

The Medical Awards sponsored by the Putnam County Medical Association were won by Jacob Williams of Continental for “Scoliosis vs. Society” and by Ryan Tabler of St. Anthony’s for “Bacteria on Flooring”.

The Putnam County Health Department sponsored the Nutrition/Fitness/Health Awards that were presented to Cody Kemper of Ottoville for “The Effects of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milk on Glucose” and the team of Trevor Wurth and Dillon Elkins of Kalida for “Effects of Sugar Alcohols on Blood Glucose Levels”.

The Physics Award, sponsored by the Ottoville Hardware and Furniture Company, was won by Cody Von Lehmden of Fort Jennings for his project titled “Does Sling Length Affect the Height of an Object Thrown by a Catapult”

The Sight-Related Awards sponsored by the Glandorf and Ottawa Lions Clubs were won by Madison Langhals of St. Anthony’s for her project titled “Audio and Visual: Which Will Produce the Faster Reaction Time?” and by Madalyn Lehman of Glandorf for “How Does Fading Daylight Affect Visual Acuity?”.

The Putnam County Commissioners sponsored the award in the Solid Waste Management category that was given to Amanda Siebeneck of Glandorf for the project titled “How Does Worm Activity Affect The Rate of Organic Decomposition?”.

The Technology Award sponsored by Log On Computers was won by the team of Thomas Waldick and Bryce Hoehn of Ottoville for the project titled “Calculate This”.

The Veterinary Award sponsored by Leipsic Veterinary Service was won by Deborah Shepard of Continental for the project “Cats’ Response to Bird Sounds”.

The Quarry Farm Nature Preserve & Conservation Farm sponsored a Water Quality Award that was given to Paige Lawhorn of Continental for “Bacteria In/On Drinking Fountains”.  Blanchard River Watershed Project also sponsored two awards this year that were won by Matthew Ketner of Glandorf for “Phosphorous Contamination in the Blanchard River” and by Tyrendis Johnson of Continental for “How Algae Grows”.

Awards from Bethel Grange #2130 in Henry County for Originality and Creativity were won by Claire Crumrine of Glandorf for “What is the Effect of Temperature on the Quality of Bottled Water?”, Madison Heckman, also of Glandorf, for “How Do Different Physical Activity Levels Affect EKGs?” and by Alexis Thorbahn of Ottoville for “Does Age or a Specific Gender Affect the Contagiousness of Yawning”.

Awards from the Epilepsy Foundation of Northwest Ohio, given for the Effective Use of Scientific Method, went to the team of Anna Berhide and Sarah Klausing of Kalida for their project titled “How do Energy Drinks Affect Focus Playing a Memory Game” and also to Alexis Thorbahn of Ottoville for “Does Age or a Specific Gender Affect the Contagiousness of Yawning”.

The three Outstanding Presentation Awards, sponsored by the Retired Teachers' Association of Henry County, were won by Emily Annesser of Glandorf for “To What Extent Does the Amount of Sunlight Effect Species in Vernal Pools”, Alexis Thorbahn of Ottoville for “Age vs. Gender” and by the team of Kyona Gray and Jaylen Vandemark of Kalida for “Hereditary Fingerprints”.

Jed and Mary Osborn and Ball Corporation sponsored three awards that each included a cash prize.  The Young Scientist Challenge Award was won by Brad Schmitz of Glandorf for “Viscosity’s Relation with Heat Retention and Heat Accumulation”.   The Advanced Scientist Challenge Award was won by Jeremy Smith of Fort Jennings for “Hydroponics”.  The Outstanding Team Project Award was given to Josh Klausing and Connor Niese of Kalida for “Paper Airplane Flight”.

Projects in the behavioral science field were judged by Ken Kaufman, Marilyn Calvelage, Becky and Dave Leader, Augusta Niese, Emily Huth, Deb Dulle and Nancy Kroeger.

Projects in the Biochemistry and Microbiology field were judged by Bob Gerdeman, Dr. Roger Minier, Bonnie Brooks and Dr. Mark Basinger.

Projects in the Botany field were judged by Roger Luersman, Robb Schultz, Ashley Otto and Tim Wehri.

Projects in the Chemistry field were judged by Kevin Blake, Mike Jones, Heather Harmon and Joanna Smithback.

Projects in Earth and Space Sciences were judged by Paul Lenz and Roger VonderEmbse.

Projects in the Engineering field were judged by Ron Honigford, Rick Carder, Greg Gerten and Craig Otto.

Projects in the Environmental Science field were judged by Len and Joan Ebbeskotte, Harold Gerten, Daryl Radabaugh, Michelle Williams and Steve Hilvers.

Projects in the Health and Medicine field were judged by Bob and Tina Weber, Marilyn Bohrer, Marcille Liebrecht, Beth Hempfling, Al Inkrott, Alicia Haselman and Krista Schoemaker.

Projects in the Physics area were judged by Al Hueve, Karl Schimmoeller, Pat Recker, Leo Schroeder, Rod Nuveman and Tim Burkepile.

Projects in the Zoology field were judged by Adam Schnipke and Wendell Badertscher.

Special Judges, who provided judging for all of the sponsored awards, were led by Jeff Jostpille.  Assisting with special judging were Ted Elliot, Deb Dulle, Wendall Badertscher and Gary Herman.

The Regional Science Fair to be held at Northwest State Community College in Archbold on Saturday, March 2, 2013.  Students who earned superior or high excellent ratings at the County Fair are eligible to advance to the District Science Fair, which will be held at Ohio Northern University on Saturday, March 23, 2013.  If students receive high enough ratings at these fairs, they are eligible to compete at the State Science Day, hosted by The Ohio State University, on Saturday, May 11, 2013, where over $4.3 million in scholarships are available.

Special thanks to the administration and staff of Ottawa-Glandorf Local Schools for hosting the 2013 Putnam County Science Fair, including Kevin Brinkman, Superintendent, Scott Ketner, Elementary School Principal and Ted Elliot, Technology Coordinator.  Thanks also to the staff at Glandorf Elementary School, including the cafeteria and janitorial staff, PTO and the Student Council. Finally, a special thank you to Norm Schnipke, Tina Basinger, Marita Deatrick, Deb Schroeder, Gary Herman and Dr. Jan Osborn for all of their help behind the scenes.

The Putnam County Science Fair is coordinated by the Putnam County Educational Service Center and science teachers from several districts within Putnam County.