Sidney burglar butt-dials 911, leads deputies to arrest

February 7, 2013

SIDNEY — A burglar’s cell phone led police to the home he tried to burglarize and straight to where he was hiding inside.

The incident began around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, when the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office dispatched officers to the 500 block of Miami River Road in Sidney following an unusual 911 call.

Douglas Wolaver, 40, had broken a window to gain entry into a residence, officials said, when he accidentally dialed 911 from a cellphone in his pocket. A 911 dispatcher answered and triangulated the call’s location. Deputies were notified of someone who might need emergency assistance.

When deputies arrived, they discovered a window was forced open and concluded someone was inside.

As they searched inside the residence, Wolaver’s phone was continually beeping due to a low battery, leading police to his hiding spot.

Sheriff John Lenhart joked that the last time his deputies had to work this hard to solve a burglary, the suspect left his wallet behind.

Deputies who were on scene that night were not immediately available for comment.

Butt-dialing robbery suspect