Dominion moving ahead with replacing Lima gas linees

January 24, 2013

LIMA —Dominion is moving ahead with a series of long-range projects to replace the utilities aging gas lines in Lima.

Peggy Ehora, spokeswoman for Dominion, said the company is wrapping up a series of ongoing projects and getting ready to move forward with new projects in the coming days.

“This is year three of a potentially 20-year project that we will be replacing all of our old infrastructure, which is mostly bare steel pipe that predates the 1960s,” Ehora said. “It is a very intensive project, especially for the city of Lima residents because that’s where the oldest pipe in our system is. Obviously, the toughest pipe to work on is when you’re in a more metropolitan environment.”

This year alone, Dominion is investing more than $12 million around the region in gas line replacement projects.

“Right now customers are starting to see us working in the Wendell Avenue area. There was some activity (Tuesday)near Elm and Woodlawn, that’s the project that is currently active,” Ehora said. “We’re still doing some cleanup work in the Brice Avenue area where we’ve been since the late summer or fall.

“We will be starting Market Street to Fernwood, Merit area starting down close to where the Beer Barrel is on Friday. That project will go until May. Then we’ll be adding the Kibby Street project in February.”