Marking history: Lima Dems hold ball in honor of Obama

January 22, 2013

LIMA — The smiles were unbeatable.

A ball presented by the Allen County Minority Caucus of the Democratic Party in honor of President Obama’s second term in office was held Monday night at UNOH Event Center. The event included dinner, a band and dancing.

“To me, it’s a history thing. Everybody couldn’t go to Washington. Give them something to enjoy,” said Charles Thomas, the event chairman.

Thomas has been to Washington, D.C., for inaugurations in the past and knows first-hand that standing in the cold for hours and not being able to see much isn’t too much fun.

“This way, we’re right here enjoying it in the warm building and everything,” he said.

Proceeds from the $40 tickets benefit the caucus and will be used to support the party, Thomas said.

Did he believe everyone at the event was a tried-and-true Democrat?

“There might be somebody between the sheets,” he said, laughing.

Sheila Frueh, of Lima, attended with her husband, Gary, and other friends and family members. They enjoyed the opportunity to be out and celebrate the big occasion in a formal way.

“You don’t get to dress up very often,” Frueh said.

College student Morgan Johnson, of Lima, was glad to attend with her friends.

“I just think this is really, really important that I’m able to be here with my friends on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day,” Johnson said.

If not for King, “Obama wouldn’t be in office,” Johnson said.