Letter: Beware of right to work

January 8, 2013

Ohio: Beware of

right to work

Right-To-Work is a Lie. Right-To-Work is Wrong. Right-To-Work-For-Less

(RTWFL) describes this cynical movement better. This is not a groundswell movement but a well-funded political payback.

We have just witnessed the state of Michigan pass RTWFL legislation in a matter of hours, Ohio SB5 style. Their state senators and representatives also were coerced by the Koch Brothers, American Legislative Exchange Coalition (ALEC), numerous billionaires and several PAC’s that interpret the unions as the downfall of the American economy. Union membership is 15 percent in Michigan, so does that mean they have proof that 85 percent of the state was gnashing their teeth until the unions became powerless.

Allen County rejected SB5 in November 2011. State Rep. Matt Huffman and state Sen Keith Faber sponsored this legislation that attempted to take away Collective Bargaining from police, firefighters, teachers and state workers. This was repealed in the state and Allen County by a 60/40 margin. We believe in unions in Allen County. We have hundreds of retirees living a middle class life with a full pension, including health insurance, because of the Lima Ford Engine plants UAW affiliation. This has kept this county financially stable even as we lost so many other industries.

RTWFLess laws are coming to Ohio. This governor is feigning on his position but we know where our legislators stand. RTWFLess is not a jobs bill or even an incentive to choose Ohio for future manufacturing. The anti-labor politicians seem to be saying “I’ve got mine you get yours” but but hypercritically ask the unions for support and money. These politicians are attempting to establish laws to hold down the Middle Class and divide union membership.

— Robert F. Huenke, Elida