Letter: Faith in people was underscored

January 6, 2013

Faith in people

was underscored

Saturday will mark the one-year anniversary of my successful kidney transplant. I want to thank the entire community for their prayers and support during the difficult challenges my family and I faced. We were totally in awe at how people from all walks of life came together to help one of their own.

A moment that sticks out most in my mind is when I was approached at a fund-raiser by an elderly gentlemen who offered to donate one of his kidneys. He said that he knew he may be too old, but he was in perfect health and more than willing. I had never met the man before, but he read the story in The Lima News and felt compelled to come.

Lima may not have the economic strength of other cities, but our people are truly our greatest assets. I would also like to thank my co-workers at the Allen County Sheriff’s Office who donated hours from their own accounts to insure that my family was taken care of when I was out of ! available time.

Last but definitely not least my brother Carlos Tibbs, a Lima native living in Nevada who flew home to donate a kidney and give me a second lease on life. I look forward to continued service to this great community both through my church and profession. Our city is able to effectively come together in a time of crisis, my hope is for unity always. Thank you.

— Damian Tibbs, Lima