Memories of cooking with Grandma

December 30, 2012

ELIDA — The memories of this recipe go back.

Granted, Helena VanSickle is a freshman at Elida High School, so these memories are half a lifetime ago for her. She remembers being so young she would sit on the counter at her grandmother’s and help make this cheesecake.

“She would have me help her make it,” VanSickle said. “It was just fun. My favorite part was licking the spoon.”

VanSickle, daughter of Todd and Mindy, is originally from the Cleveland area. Her dad’s work brought the family to this area. Her grandmother, Wanda Davis, still lives across the state.

“I helped her make it when I was living up north for, like, church-related things and holidays,” VanSickle said.

Earlier this month, when Davis was down for a visit, the two made rice cereal snowmen. Baking, like writing, has been an interest of VanSickle for some time.

“I watched my Nana and my family do it, and I kind of picked up on it,” she said, explaining she enjoys making brownies, cookies and cakes. And this cheesecake, because it’s so easy.

But when VanSickle was starting to bake, she experienced her share of failures while trying to help her family. She once made brownies in a pan that was much too large. The batter spread out in a very thin layer, and she burned them.

“I burned a lot of things,” she said, laughing, sharing a story about fried eggs gone wrong. “You could smell the smoke.”

That didn’t deter her, however, and she encourages anyone to keep trying until you get it right.

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Helena VanSickle