Letter: Uniopolis mayor fought for village

December 13, 2012

Uniopolis mayor fought for village

Congratulations to the village council members who tried to get Uniopolis unincorporated. My understanding is their main issue was the financial uncertainty of the current economy would not allow for the village to survive. So with that said, I find it ironic that roads were paved, directly in front of council members homes, just days before the election. If I was still a resident, the money spent on these roads would have had a greater influence on my vote than the letter sent by the mayor, which indicated that charges could occur if they unincorporated.

One council member said that the mayor was mayor 24/7. I thought this was also true of the council members. So if the mayor is not allowed to speak his mind then neither should you as a council member. Further more, the letter is no different than any of the political mail that EVERYONE received prior to the election. I also heard that one council member thought that the mayor should resign. Why?? For caring for his village. Maybe the next step for the council should be to focus on the ways that they can survive as opposed to jumping right to putting it back on the ballot again. If thatís your solution then maybe the mayor is not the one who should resign.

ó Kathy Rolston-Fisher, Wapakoneta