Hardin County 2012 election results

November 7, 2012

U.S. President

Stewart Alexander 11

and Alex Mendoza (S)

Richard Duncan 59

and Ricky Johnson

Virgil Goode 24

and Jim Clymer (C)

Gary Johnson 164

and James P. Gray (L)

Barack Obama 4,487

and Joe Biden (D)

Mitt Romney 7,337

and Paul Ryan (R)

Jill Stein 65

and Cheri Honkala (G)

U.S. Senate

Sherrod Brown (D) 4,315

Josh Mandel (R) 6,973

Scott A. Rupert 686

U.S. House, 5th District

Eric Erbly (L) 560

Bob Latta (R) 7,216

Angela Zimmann (D) 3,871

Ohio Senate, 1st District

Cliff Hite (R) 8,342

Ohio House, 83nd District

John F. Kostyo (R) 3,714

Robert Sprague (R) 7,260

Court of Appeals Judge, 3rd District

John R. Willamowski 7,373

State Board of Education, District 1

Stanley Jackson 2,850

Ann E. Jacobs 5,922

Ohio Supreme Court, Jan. 1 term

Terrence O’Donnell (R) 6,674

Mike Skindell (D) 2,536

Ohio Supreme Court, Jan. 2 term

Robert R. Cupp (R) 6,483

William M. O’Neill (D) 3,315

Ohio Supreme Court, unexpired term

Yvette McGee Brown (D) 3,125

Sharon L. Kennedy (R) 6,205

Clerk of courts

Carrie L. Haudenschield (R) 8,798

Commissioner, Jan. 2 term

Chris Thomas Rogers 4,197

Randall S. Rogers (R) 6,726

Commissioner, Jan. 3 term

Edward Elliott (R) 6,140

Brett F. Molk (D) 3,446

Ron Shaffer 1,883


Lawrence Kuk (R) 8,946


Michael L. Smith (R) 8,752


Bradford Williams Bailey (R) 8,734


Brenda J. Rainsburg (R) 8,798


Keith A. Everhart (R) 9,690


Denise K. Althauser (R) 9,060


Kenton, 0.25 percent additional income tax, improving and maintaining streets and parks, four years

For 944

Against 1,650

Blanchard Township, 1.8 mill replacement levy, cemeteries, five years

For 294

Against 327

Blanchard Township, 1.8 mill replacement levy, fire apparatus, five years

For 274

Against 347

Northern Hardin County Fire District, 2.8 mill additional levy, fire apparatus, five years

For 503

Against 492

Goshen Township, 2 mill replacement levy, EMS and fire, five years

For 218

Against 95

Marion Township, 2.0 mill renewal levy, fire protection, five years

For 571

Against 380

Washington Township, 2.5 mill replacement levy, current expenses, five years

For 193

Against 185

Ridgemont schools, 0.5 mill renewal levy, operating expenses, five years

For 701

Against 486

Hardin County 911, 0.75 mill renewal levy, operation of 911 system, five years

For 7,057

Against 4,712

Tri-Rivers Joint Vocational School District, 0.5 mill, site enlargement, 10 years

For 8

Against 21

Apollo Career Center, .31 mill bond issue, construction, 30 years; 0.2 mill additional levy, enlarging, improving and rebuilding, 10 years; 0.49 mill bond issue, permanent improvements, 30 years

For 1,391

Against 2,110