Letter: Debt problem behind America's many ills

November 4, 2012

Debt problem behind

America’s many ills

I hope all voters consider all this issues instead of simply voting in a popularity contest governed by the R or D following a candidate’s name. So many Americans have struggled with a simple valuable lesson: You cannot fund your lifestyle on credit indefinitely.

For those who have found themselves in the position, you can appreciate how oppressing that can be to everyday life and how that can limit your options for the future. Unfortunately those in government have not taken this lesson to heart. They continue to borrow in order to spend more. This is not sustainable. No other single issue has such a wide affect on every other issue, regardless if your concern is education, health care, energy, social security, unemployment, etc. the ability of the government to do what you want is limited more every day by this country’s debt.

Candidates on both sides have promised to reduce the debt both in this election and the past election. Unlike the last election however, this time one of the candidates has proven history as president and how well he held to his promises as the debt is now the highest it has been in history. Individually and as a country, we just can’t continue to live with debt we cannot afford.

— Tim Arheit, Delphos