Land Transfers - May 27, 2012

May 27, 2012

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week ending May 23, 2012. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 67 79 71

Mortgages 61 93 69

Mortgage cancellations

52 105 66

Financing statements 2 0 0

Real estate transfers this week include the following:


Andrew C. Anthony to Randy D. and Allison J. Sickles, 1120 State St., $90,300.

Judith A. Bucher to Kyle D. Beck, 1893 W. Spring St., $77,000.

Jennifer M. Carter et al. and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 1045 N. Main St., $18,000.

Reyna and Todd Collins to Melissa J. Stuber, 530 Marian, $20,000.

Dean Coulter et al. to Paul G. and Sandy K. Hahn Jr., South Pine Street, $55,000.

Michael H. and Deloris J. Dolan to Malinda S. Wireman, 520 Orena, $2,500.

Joseph L. Ehrlich and Jocile Kanellopoulos executors et al. to Diane L. and Karen S. Finn, 2230 W. High St., $127,000.

Melissa R. Evans to Lucinda R. Kelly, 324 Detroit St., $45,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association to BKT Investments, 521 Faurot, $5,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association Dedric Curtis, 973 W. Wayne St., $8,800.

Bruce C. French receiver et al. to Michael C. and Ann B. Murphy, 502 Mackenzie Drive, $19,000.

Grandview Drive-Thru to Benroth Drive Thru, 238 W. Grand Ave., $90,000.

Suasn D. Harrison et al. to Gary Meyer, 829 W. O’Connor Ave., $84,500.

Robert E. and Emelia Herron to Neth Properties, 809 N. Charles St., $18,000.

Nancy L. Keith to Ley Investment Property, 422 W. Vine, $1,000.

Trent D. Lacy et al. and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Mark Swords, 1511 Diller Road, $66,000.

Michelle and Jack L. Lesh to Kylee N. Lesh, 302 S. Woodlawn Ave., $57,000.

Vanessa M. Smalley to Tiffany Blauvelt, 1020 Hazel Ave., $10,000.


S. Lavonne Hartman attorney in fact et al. to Joel W. and Jessica R. Good, 2285 N. Kemp Road, $120,000.

William J. Layman Trustee et al. to Kevin and Judie Mahin, 7090 Poling Road, $44,800.

Lonnie L. Layman Trustee et al. to Kevin and Judie Mahin, 7090 Poling Road, $44,800.


Jill A. Altenbach to William B. Altenbach, 5533 Cotner Road, $23,000.

Kenneth W. McGlone executor et al. to Jack Core, 3111 Hopewell Drive, $68,000.

P&D Lima and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to to Bagshaw Holdings & Investments, 2723 Elida Road, $211,000.


Richard A. and Caryn Wagar to Brad H. and Christina R. Kirkpatrick, 861 S. Napoleon Road, $195,000.


John R. Baldwin attorney in fact et al. to Janet C. Williams, 620 S. Thayer Road, $33,000.

Kenneth E. Bassett and Mary H. Lorenz to Lewis E. and Imogene Bassett Trustees et al., 5275 N. Dixie Highway, $88,000.

Thomas L. Bassett to James H. Bassett, 5275 N. Dixie Highway, $88,000.

Troy P. and Melissa N. Cox to James E. Loughrin, 120 Bransbury Drive, $162,000.

Issam and Sharon Faza to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, 1925 Lenore St., $579,700.

Judith A. Hager to Gene A. and Alaina R. Hermon, 5235 Stewart Road, $153,000.

Joshua K. and Mandy Kistler to Renee Risner, 433 Cumberland Drive, $153,000.

Brandon T. and Amy Perrine to Brant Engle, 4444 Sandusky Road, $80,000.

Joshua C. and Kelly N. Smith to Lindi Hartman, 4422 Stewart Road, $108,900.


Robert M. and Luquetta F. Lehman to George E. and Joan M. Frederick, 217 Swiss Circle, $29,900.


Lawrence A. and Amanda M. Suever to David M. and Tonya J. Wannemacher II, 709 Lima Ave., $136,300.


Francis J. and Ann E. Guagenti to Diana L. and Robert T. Engelhardt, 2027 Morning Glory Drive, $257,000.


Lisa R. and Cameron C. Moffett to David A. and Erin E. Burgess, West Hume Road, $64,000.


James A. and Linda S. Thayer to David R. and Linda L. Louth, North Napoleon Road, $55,000.


Carol S. Thompson to Ryan R. Thompson, 4960 N. Defiance Trail, $141,000.


Roger M. Mathews and Mark A. Mathews executors et al. to Dale Burgess, Bowman Road, $52,900.

Roger M. Mathews and Mark A. Mathews executors et al. to Ian Burgess and Carissa Bendele, Bowman Road, $93,000.

Larry E. Ream et al. and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1717 Thayer Road, $120,800.

Bertha M. Smith to James W. Jones, East 10th Street, $1,000.


Amy and Robert Balo to William C. Carder and Amy K. Bacome, 1530 Riverview Drive, $17,100.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert J. Moyer, 1401 Fulton, $52,500.

Isaac J. and Michele D. Floyd to Joshua K. and Mandy M. Kistler, 1572 Walnut Court, $227,500.

Ronald J. Perrine II et al. and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Liberty Savings Bank, 3051 Inwood Drive, $64,000.

John P. and Jeanne T. Randall to Timothy P. Turnwald and Cherie L. Mowery, Fort Amanda Road, $56,800.

Melvin E. and Kellie S. Salsbury to Russell J. and Anne M. Decker, 5526 Shawnee Road, $150,000.

Justin J. Wootton et al. and Sheriff Samuel A. Crish to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3130 W. Hume Road, $40,000.


John F. and Ruth M. Grone to Roger L. and Sara E. Grone, Furend Road, $70,000.


Aunt Mae’s Holdings to Miller Brothers Clay Works, 517 N. Broadway St., $15,000.

Citifinancial to Harold Charles, 312 S. Main St., $7,500.


Kevin D. and Judie I. Mahin to Gilbert L. adn Dena L. Slothour, 4665 Sherrick Road, $96,000.