Letter: Few care when its black on black crime

May 27, 2012

A person asked me, “Why are there so many shootings in Lima?” I replied, borrowing part of a statement from President Bill Clinton, “It's the drugs, stupid!”From where I sit, this is true. In May, there has been young man shot to death, another in the hospital and one more is in jail. We also have three families troubled because of someone's irresponsible actions.As so many time before, it has been black on black shooting and killings and truly as I see it, From where I sit, too many Afro-Americans don't seem to care. I really do appreciate the timely statement and remarks by Counselor Jesse Lowe, concerning black on black shootings Monday night. Listen, we as citizens of Lima have got to take a stand with responsibility whether it be a black on black shooting or white on black shooting!! You see, when there is a white on black shooting, most of the Afro-American community will get together and march for justice, but who is going to soothe the mourning souls of an Afro-American mother and father if their child is shot or killed by another Afro-American!! Drugs are also killing some people in Lima, Afro- Americans, Caucasians and all races that are living, but might be addressed as “The Walking Dead.” I know we have seen them everyday. Please think on these things!— Bob Horton, Lima