McAdams, Mauk head all-district teams

November 17, 2011

Reggie McAdams has helped power Elida to the regional championship game.

And today the 6-foot-6 quarterback was named the Division III northwest district offensive player of the year.

McAdams was one of six players from the area to be awarded a special honor on the all-district teams which were released Thursday.

During the regular season McAdams threw for 2,664 yards and 28 TDs. He had only six interceptions.

Others receiving special district honors were Wapakoneta offensive lineman Chris Schwartz, Kenton quarterback Maty Mauk, Kenton linebacker Gabe King, Minster linebacker Daniel Gusching and Leipsic lineman Ross Benton.

Minster coach Nate Moore was named the Division VI coach of the year.

Kenton quarterback Maty Mauk was named the Division IV offensive player of the year. In 10 games Mauk threw for 3,744 yards with 48 TDs and eight interceptions. He also rushed for 1,204 yards. He’s now thrown for a national career record of 18,006 yards.

King was named the Division IV defensive player of the year. The linebacker had 164 tackles.

In Division II, Schwartz was named the lineman of the year. He led the way for Wapakoneta’s power running game with 1,600-yard rusher Connor Pickens.

In Division VI, Minster linebacker Daniel Gusching, who was the Midwest Athletic Conference defensive player of the year, was named the district’s defensive player of the year. He had 71 tackles and nine sacks.

Leipsic’s Benton was named the Division VI lineman of the year, as he helped lead the way for Leipsic’s balanced offense.

Players throughout the region were named first team all-district from Division II to Division VI.

In Division II, Wapakoneta had Schwartz, Pickens, linebacker Brendan Wilson and defensive back Kevin Kraft on the first team.

In Division III, Elida landed McAdams, wide receiver Austin Etzler, kicker Nathan Jenkins, defensive lineman Chance Weitz, linebacker Quentin Poling and defensive back Anthony Sumpter on the first team. Shawnee’s Seth Rosenbauer was first team all-district at punter.

In Division IV, Kenton’s first-team selections included wide receiver Justin Sawmiller, Mauk, defensive lineman Isaac Jeffers, King and defensive back Brice Fackler.

Bath running back Aaron Smith was named first team in Division IV.

In Division V, Lima Central Catholic had quarterback Tyler O’Connor, offensive lineman Sean Griesdorn, defensive lineman Ben Stolly and defensive back Sam Huffman named to the first team.

In Division VI, Delphos St. John’s first team all-district players were offensive lineman Alex Wehri, linebacker Brett Schwinnen and defensive back Tanner Calvelage.

Ada had wide receiver Jacob Ansley, quarterback Konnor Baker and linebacker Chris Beaschler make the first team.




AP Ohio 2011 NW All-District football list

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The 2011 Associated Press Northwest All-District football teams based on the recommendations of a media panel:


First Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Alonzo Lucas, Tol. Whitmer, 5-10, 150, sr.; Dylan Blunk, Findlay, 5-11, 181, sr. Linemen—Storm Norton, Tol. Whitmer, 6-8, 300, sr.; Kyle Stout, Sylvania Southview, 6-2, 280, sr.; Logan Rulton, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 6-0, 180, sr.; Troy Favorite, Tol. St. John’s, 6-6, 325, sr.; Nico Gorham, Tol. Bowsher, 6-2, 290, sr. Backs—Jody Webb, Tol. Whitmer, 5-8, 165, sr.; Aaron Dulay, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 6-0, 190, sr.; Vance Settlemire, Findlay, 5-10, 172, jr. Quarterback—Paul Cosiano, Findlay, 6-1, 208, jr. Kicker—Jake Hartbarger, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 6-3, 170, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Chris Wormley, Tol. Whitmer, 6-7, 270, sr.; Tarryl Hamilton, Sylvania Southview, 5-10, 216, sr.; Justin Robinson, Tol. St. John’s, 6-1, 267, sr.; Marquise Moore, Tol. Whitmer, 6-0, 290, jr. Linebackers—Kent Kern, Tol. St. Johns, 6-1, 225, sr.; Brian Lee, Tol. Start, 5-11, 220, sr.; Jay Fisher, Sylvania Southview, 5-10, 203, sr.; Devin Dennard, Findlay, 5-11, 179, jr. Backs—Mark Meyers, Tol. Whitmer, 6-1, 180, sr.; Allen Gant, Sylvania Southview, 6-2, 211, sr.; Matt Granger, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 5-9, 170, sr. Punter—Brandon Smith, Tol. St. John’s, 6-0, 193, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Jody Webb, Tol. Whitmer.

Defensive player of the year: Chris Wormley, Tol. Whitmer.

Lineman of the year: Storm Norton, Tol. Whitmer.

Coach of the year: Mark Ritzler, Findlay.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Ends—DeVonte Hughes, Tol. Waite, 6-1, 170, sr.; Joe Robie, Tol. St. John’s, 6-0, 183, sr. Linemen—Brian Stamper, Tol. Whitmer, 6-1, 255, sr.; David George, Sylvania Southview, 6-0, 240, sr.; Matt Miller, Tol. St. John’s, 6-4, 250, jr.; Dan Cooper, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 6-0, 195, sr.; Martice Ross, Tol. Start, 6-0, 267, jr. Backs—Kevin Carter, Tol. Waite, 5-9, 160, sr.; Same Bruno, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 6-0, 175, soph.; Jalen Marable, Sylvania Southview, 5-11, 180, sr. Quarterback—Austin Valdez, Sylvania Southview, 6-0, 208, jr. Kicker—Michael Baldwin, Tol. Whitmer, 5-8, 140, soph.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Nick Lapoint, Tol. Whitmer, 5-11, 205, sr.; Miles Ashleman, Tol. St. John’s, 6-2, 260, sr.; Kenny Harris, Tol. Waite, 6-2, 195, sr.; Rylee Neill, Sylvania Southview, 5-10, 214, sr. Linebackers—Jack Linch, Tol. Whitmer, 6-0, 195, jr.; Hunter Lonseth, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, 5-10, 185, sr.; Jalen Dunbar, Tol. Bowsher, 6-0, 225, sr.; Nick Jozsa, Sylvania Southview, 5-11, 192, sr. Backs—LeRoy Alexander, Tol. Whitmer, 6-1, 190, sr.; J.Q. Bowers, Sylvania Southview, 5-10, 180, sr.; Tony Harper, Tol. St. John’s, 6-4, 192, jr. Punter—Joseph Davidson, Findlay, 6-7, 190, jr.

Honorable Mention

Allen Cook, Tol. Bowsher; Drew Grigsby, Tol. Bowsher; Kenny Jones, Tol. Bowsher; Shaquille Hall, Tol. Bowsher; Daniel Minley, Tol. Bowsher; Chris Jones, Tol. Start; Tyler McClorine, Tol. Start; Jordan King, Tol. St. John’s Jesuit; Johnny Douanglee, Tol. Waite; Tyler Palka, Tol. Whitmer; Nigel Hayes, Tol. Whitmer; Nick Longenbarger, Tol. Whitmer; Zach Grohowski, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne; Grant Judson, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne; Austin Niswander, Findlay; Jimmy Orwick, Findlay; Matt Dillon, Findlay; Brogan Roback, Tol. St. John’s; Nate Holley, Tol. Whitmer.


First Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Dameyion Smith, Sandusky, 5-10, sr.; Marquise Jones, Ashland, 6-0, 160, sr.; Jonah Boyer, Tiffin Columbian, 5-9, 165, sr. Linemen—Chris Schwartz, Wapakoneta, 6-0, 220, sr.; Mike Brown, Sandusky, 6-3, 272, sr.; Dirk Weisenburger, Norwalk, 6-6, 275, sr.; Steve Mowry, Ashland, 6-3, 265, sr.; Carter Mullins, Tiffin Columbian, 6-0, 260, sr. Backs—Amir Edwards, Tol. Central Cath., 5-11, 195, jr.; Marquis Winston, Sandusky, 5-7, 175, sr.; Connor Pickens, Wapakoneta, 6-0, 215, sr. Quarterbacks—Jake Schneider, Maumee, 5-10, 175, sr.; Lucas Poggiali, Sandusky, 6-2, 187, sr. Kicker— Greg Gallaway, Ashland, 5-10, 160, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Micah Carter, Perrysburg, 5-9, 230, sr.; Jon Perrin, Tol. Central Cath., 6-1, 305, jr.; Van Williams, Sandusky, 6-3, 203, sr.; Adam Wolbert, Ashland, 6-0, 210, sr. Linebackers—Evan Karchner, Maumee, 5-11, 225, sr.; Jim Johnston, Tol. Central Cath., 6-0, 205, sr.; Brendan Wilson, Wapakoneta, 5-11, 170, sr.; Cody Thompson, 6-2, 220, sr. Backs—Jayme Thompson, 6-1, 180, jr.; Kevin Kraft, Wapakoneta, 6-0, 170, sr.; Isaac Perry, Norwalk, 5-11, 160, jr.; Tristen Jeffries, Sandusky, 6-1, 183, sr. Punter—Gio Masi, Lexington, 5-9, 148, soph.

Offensive player of the year: Jake Schneider, Maumee.

Defensive player of the year: Micah Carter, Perrysburg.

Linemen of the year: Mike Brown, Sandusky; Chris Schwartz, Wapakoneta.

Coach of the year: Chris McFarland, Norwalk.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Dominique King, Maumee, 5-11, 170, jr.; Austin Bishop, Perrysburg, 6-2, 190, jr.; Taj Coffee, Mansfield Madison, 6-3, 200, sr. Linemen—Hunter Stanley, Tol. St. Francis, 6-3, 275, sr.; Cam Stanley, Tol. St. Francis, 6-4, 270, sr.; Jeff Dew, Tol. Central Cath., 6-2, 280, jr.; Jason Blair, Maumee, 5-11, 225, sr.; Trey Smith, Wapakoneta, 6-1, 250, sr. Backs—Jarrod Jefferson, Tol. St. Francis, 5-9, 175, sr.; Dustin Crabtree, 5-11, 165, sr.; Jack Jacoby, Tiffin Columbian, 6-0, 175, jr; Keithie Lasenby, Lima Senior, 5-7, 180, sr. Quarterback—Zach Bernhard, Tiffin Columbian, 6-3, 210, sr. Kicker—Michael McGowan, Tol. St. Francis, 5-10, 165, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Cole Thrush, Wapakoneta, 6-1. 190, sr.; Trent Stout, Fremont Ross, 5-10, 215, sr.; Riyad Black, Mansfield Madison, 6-3, 210, sr.; Chandler Hoover, Tiffin Columbian, 5-9, 215, jr. Linebackers—Jordan Garcia, Fremont Ross, 5-9, 180, sr.; Jerry Braden, 6-1, 195, jr.; Willie Moore, Ashland, 5-9, 185, jr.; Daniel Wood, Tiffin Columbian, 5-10, 195, sr. Backs—D.J. Tucker, Tol. Rogers, 6-2, 190, sr.; Dylan Starks, Fremont Ross, 5-11, 165, jr.; Drew Starks, Fremont Ross, 6-0, 155, jr.; Shane Hossler, Tiffin Columbian, 6-3, 180, sr.; Connor Metz, Wapakoneta, 5-9, 165, sr. Punter—Scott Alexander, Norwalk, 6-0, 175, sr.

Honorable Mention

Aaron Gabriel, Marion Harding; L.J. Scott, Marion Harding; Brandon Phenix, Maumee; Dakota Windnagle, Maumee; Steve Slocum, Perrysburg; Forrest Manning, Perrysburg; Tyler Gordon, Perrysburg; Derich Weiland, Tol. Central Cath.; Mark Bernsdorff, Sylvania Northview; Cole Whittemore, Sylvania Northview; Corey Bowman, Sylvania Northview; Keith Towbridge, Tol. Central Cath.; DeShone Kizer, Tol. Central Cath.; Jordan Crayon, Tol. Rogers; Joshua Taliaferro, Tol. Rogers; Jake Fetherolf, Norwalk; Damius Peacock, Norwalk; Ian Ramos, Norwalk; Devon Lloyd, Norwalk; Michael Finch, Norwalk; Terrell Dorsey, Mansfield Senior; Jalen Reese, Mansfield Senior; Tanner Kearns, Lexington; Collin Michael, Lexington; Tyler Jackman, Lexington; Andrew Hunt, Lexington; Bryant Switzer, Lexington; Seth Shakely, Ashland; Derek Ward, Ashland; Josh Duewel, Ashland; Brandon Nardo, Ashland; Tyson Vogel, Ashland; Jake Wolfe, Ashland; Alek Lampert, Mansfield Madison; Skylar Reffner, Fremont Ross; Terrell Harris, Mansfield Senior; Tim Woodson, Tol. Central Cath.; Jerome Conley, Fremont Ross; Jabree Lather, Fremont Ross; Ben Davis, Tiffin Columbian; Tyler Wolf, Fremont Ross; Andrew Shultz, Maumee; Jared Gray, Oregon Clay; Pierre Harris, Tol. Rogers; Steve Duby, Maumee; Kaleb Huss, Mansfield Madison; Craig Welker, Celina; Braden Billger, Celina; Lance Vetter, Wapakoneta; Nick Warner, Wapakoneta; Brandon Miller, Wapakoneta; Johnny Webster, Lexington.


First Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Austin Etzler, Elida, 6-1, 190, sr.; Tyler Miller, Napoleon, 5-10, 170, sr.; Derek Hug, Bryan, 6-2, 202, sr. Linemen—Austin Rupard, St. Marys Memorial, 5-10, 240, sr.; Nate Irons, Bellevue, 6-2, 250, sr.; Alex Dority, Clyde, 6-1, 235, sr.; Ross Huber, Napoleon, 6-2, 198, sr. Backs—Brad Smith, Clyde, 5-8, 180, jr.; D.J. Manning, St. Marys Memorial, 6-1, 185, sr; Nick Lopez, Defiance, 5-7, 150, sr. Quarterback—Reggie McAdams, Elida, 6-6, 195, sr. Kicker—Nathan Jenkins, Elida, 5-11, 170, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Tony Clark, Clyde, 5-9, 175, sr.; Luke Lyden, Bellevue, 6-4, 250, sr.; Chance Weitz, Elida, 6-1, 215, soph.; Kyle Wilson, Wauseon, 5-11, 200, sr. Linebackers—Thomas Glick, Clyde, 6-1, 225, jr.; Brendan Adkinson, Bellevue, 6-0, 190, sr.; Quentin Poling, Elida, 6-0, 205, jr.; Nate Walker, Napoleon, 5-8, 190, sr. Backs—Ryan Meyer, Clyde, 5-11, 195, sr.; Anthony Sumpter, Elida, 5-11, 195, jr.; Brandon Ponczak, Bryan, 6-1, 160, soph.. Punter—Seth Rosebauer, Lima Shawnee, 6-5, 235, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Reggie McAdams, Elida.

Defensive player of the year: Thomas Glick, Clyde.

Lineman of the year: Ross Huber, Napoleon.

Coach of the year: Ed Nasonti, Bellevue.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Jeremy Newby, Elida, 6-0, 200, sr.; Steve Wingo, Port Clinton, 6-1, 180, sr.; Brandon Stinson, Elida,6-23, 180, jr . Linemen—Ben Petersen, Port Clinton, 6-0, 280, jr.; Theron Carroll, Elida, 5-11, 215, sr.; William Madley, Lima Shawnee, 6-4, 240, sr.; Max Glassford, Defiance, 6-1, 200, sr.; Stevre Elshoff, St. Marys Memorial, 6-2, 240, sr. Backs—Sam Altenbach, Limsa Shawnee, 5-10, 175, sr.; Colin Blymer, Elida, 5-7, 165, sr. Quarterback—Jalen Santoro, Bellevue, 6-0, 155, jr. Kicker—Matt Chaney, Bryan, 5-9, 175, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Michael Welch, Rossford, 5-11, 215, jr.; Ian Dukehart, Elida, 5-11, 185, sr. Linebackers—Bennett Brown, Clyde, 5-10, 245, jr.; Trey Runneals, Lima Shawnee, 6-0, 205, jr.; Skylar Anderson, Napoleon, 5-7, 178, sr.; Tanner Harper, Wauseon, 5-10, 182, sr. Backs—Andrew Baird, Shelby,. 5-10, 160, jr.; Keenan Newland, Lima Shawnee, 6-0, 195, sr.; Charlie Harris, Napoelon, 5-9, 160, jr. Punter—Alex Gies, Shelby, 6-1, 200, jr.

Honorable Mention

Winston Hupp, Bellevue; Adam Turner, Clyde; Dustin Patten, Clyde; Seth Stockmaster, Clyde; Michael Ebert, Sandusky Perkins; Mitchell Benkey, Sandusky Perkins; Will Lance, Shelby; Bryant Schlade, Napoleon; Jordan Myles, Napoleon; Adam Moose, Wauseon; Troy Lind, Wauseon; Kevin Russell, Elida; Brandon Smiley, Elida; David Wurst, Lima Shawnee; Tyler Lundy, Lima Shawnee; Eli Tucker, Lima Shawnee; Zach Fielder, Napoleon; Nick Vidra, Rossford; Larry Sloan, Rossford; Cedric McNeal, Lima Shawnee; Kyle Robbins, Rossford; Collin Bacon, Bryan; Kyle Handley, Rossford.




First Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Nate Hackworth, Tontogany Otsego, 6-2, 185, jr.; Justin Sawmiller, Kenton, 6-1, 165, soph.; Cody Thompson, Huron, 6-1, 155, soph. Linemen—Chase McCoy, Galion, 6-3, 240, sr.; Dylan Richards, Ontario, 6-0, 275, sr.; Kris Hayward, Pemberville Eastwood, 5-11, 204, sr.; Nick Keller, Genoa, 6-0, 215, jr.; Ryan McNulty, Huron, 6-4, 310, sr. Backs—David Nay, Galion, 5-11, 195, jr.; Zach Conkle, Pemberville Eastwood, 5-8, 174, sr.; Kyle Nutter, Genoa, 5-10, 190, jr.; Aaron Smith, Lima Bath, 5-10, 235, sr. Quarterback—Maty Mauk, Kenton, 6-2, 185, sr. Kicker—Tyler Pickard, Genoa, 5-11, 195, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Josh Collins, Ontario, 5-10, 250, sr.; Bobby Brooks, Pemberville Eastwood, 5-11, 182, sr.; Devin Sibby, Genoa, 6-0, 225, sr.; Adam Losie, Oak Harbor, 6-0, 225, sr.; Isaac Jeffers, Kenton, 6-4, 235, jr. Linebackers—Zac Bartman, Ontario, 6-3, 200, sr.; Nate Cass, Galion, 5-10, 180, jr.; Gabe King, Kenton, 6-1, 215, sr.; Troy Delamatre, Huron, 6-0, 200, sr. Backs—Drew Boatwright, Ontario, 6-0, 185, sr.; Alex Keyes, Pemberville Eastwood, 5-8, 161, sr.; Brandon Roberts, Genoa, 5-9, 170, sr.; Brice Fackler, Kenton, 6-4, 210, sr. Punter—Caleb Vespi, Pemberville Eastwood, 6-4, 190, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Maty Mauk, Kenton.

Defensive player of the year: Gabe King, Kenton.

Lineman of the year: Kris Hayward, Pemberville Eastwood.

Coach of the year: Jerry Rutherford, Pemberville Eastwood.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Tim Deems, Galion, 6-1, 180, sr.; Ben Swartz, Millbury Lake, 6-0, 185, jr.; Kieran, Fetter, Kenton, 5-10, 165, sr. Linemen—Evan Wendt, Genoa, 6-1, 235, sr.; Abel Steagell, Pemberville Eastwood, 6-0, 250, sr.; Andrew Garland, Lima Bath, 6-3, 290, jr.; Allen Boss, Oak Harbor, 5-10, 185, sr.; Wyatt Karhoff, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-4, 245, jr. Backs—Isaiah Conkle, Pemberville Eastwood, 5-8, 174, jr.; Mark Konieczny, Oak Harbor, 5-7, 170, jr.; Tristan Parker, Ottawa-Glandorf, 6-1, 192, jr. Quarterback—Dareian Watkins, Galion, 6-1, 190, soph.; Kyle Pisano, Huron, 6-2, 175, sr. Kicker—Derek Snowden, Pemberville Eastwood, 6-0, 165, sr.; John Dusza, Huron, 6-0, 175, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Christain Clouse, Galion, 6-1, 190, sr.; Logan Dernbach, Bellville Clear Fork, 5-10, 215, sr.; Ricky Bierbaum, Genoa, 5-11, 190, sr.; Christian Goecke, Kenton, 6-2, 205, sr.; Mimmo Lytle, Swanton, 6-3, 265, sr. Linebackers—Chase Beam, Pemberville Eastwood, 5-9, 165, sr.; Keaton Sullivan, Lima Bath, 6-3, 200, sr.; Craig Rieman, Ottawa-Glandorf, 5-10, 245, sr. Backs—Kyle Schlumbohm, Pemberville Eastwood, 6-0, 158, sr.; Brian Mallernee, Oak Harbor, 6-2, 175, sr.; Sean Kelly, Kenton, 6-0, 185, sr.; Brandon Kuhlman, Ottawa-Glandorf, 5-10, 185, sr.

Honorable Mention

Jordan Campbell, Ontario; Connor Haverfield, Ontario; Brandon Fields, Bellville Clear Fork; Cole Pollard, Bellville Clear Fork; Holdan Oyster, Bellville Clear Fork; Ryan South, Bellville Clear Fork; Corey Mancuso, Milan Edison; Sam Petrie, Willard; Josh Schloemer, Willard; Kolin Phillips, Willard; Jacob Wells, Ottawa-Glandorf; Austin Reichert, Van Wert; Matt Samuelson, Ottawa-Glandorf; Trey Parsons, Ottawa-Glandorf; Justin Maag, Ottawa-Glandorf; Jacob Leopold, Ottawa-Glandorf; Matt Samielson, Ottawa-Glandorf; Derek Rieman, Ottawa-Glandorf; Seth Welsh, Kenton; Casey McCaw, Swanton; Cody Miller, Delta; Dylan Hirzel, Millbury Lake; Jake Bandeen, Millbury Lake; Jared Rettig, Millbury Lake; Jake Hankish, Millbury Lake; Corey Hotmer, Millbury Lake; Chris Salaz, Millbury Lake; Zach Sharpe, Millbury Lake; Nathan Pennington, Millbury Lake; A.C. Limes, Tontogany Otsego; Ryan Smoyer, Tontogany Otsego; Gyen Musgrave, Upper Sandusky; Clint Brunow, Kenton; Ryan Helle, Oak Harbor; Tyler Pritchard, Upper Sandusky; Jordan Settles, Fostoria; Elijah Hampton, Fostoria; Troy Williams, New Bremen.


First Team

OFFENSE: Ends—T.J. Gerken, Archbold, 5-10, 150, sr.; Jamie Schafer, Attica Seneca East, 6-2, 170, sr.; Logan Sendelbach, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 6-3, 165, sr. Tight end—Jerad Butler, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-5, 220, sr. Linemen—Justin Gillen, Liberty Center; 6-4, 260, sr.; Gunner Shock, Hicksville, 5-9, 210, sr.; Sean Griesdorn, Lima Central Cath., 6-4, 275, sr.; Nathan Terhark, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 6-2, 260, sr.; Austin Kuhn, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 5-9, 190, sr.; Alex Damschroeder, Carey, 6-3, 280, sr.; Colt Pettit, Hamler Patrick Henry, 6-4, 230, soph. Backs—Kipp McCann, Defiance Tinora, 6-2, 195, jr.; Brady Vaught, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 5-9, 185, sr.; Mason Minnich, Ashland Crestview, 5-9, 190, sr.; Blake Buckhannon, Collins Western Reserve, 5-10, 195, sr. Quarterbacks—Tyler O’Connor, Lima Central Cath., 6-3, 211, sr.; Zach Chatlain, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-3, 220, sr. Kicker—Lincoln Parsley, Archbold, 5-9, 150, soph.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Mark Brunet, Coldwater, 6-3, 205, sr.; Jake Carrizales, Hamler Patrick Henry, 6-2, 230, jr.; Jimmy Spieth, Liberty Center, 5-11, 185, jr.; Ben Stolly, Lima Central Cath., 6-0, 228, jr.; Cody Snook, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 6-0, 210, sr.; Steven Petroff, Ashland Crestview, 5-10, 190, sr. Linebackers—Bryan Hefflinger, Liberty Center, 6-0, 220, sr.; Chandler Tuckerman, Archbold, 6-1, 175, sr.; Seth Klepper, Hicksville, 6-0, 215, sr.; Nick Whitmore, Northwood, 6-0, 221, jr.; Garrick Montgomery, Ashland Crestview, 6-0, 190, sr.; Eric Depinet, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 6-0, 200, sr. Backs—Caleb Siefring, Coldwater, 5-10, 170, jr.; Justin Miller, Hicksville, 6-1, 190, sr.; Sam Huffman, Lima Central Cath., 6-2, 172, jr.; Dakota Conkle, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 6-2, 190, sr.; Bryce Orians, Carey, 6-0, 163, sr. Punter—Kyle Bergman, Coldwater, 6-0, 175, jr.

Offensive player of the year: Mason Minnich, Ashland Crestview.

Defensive player of the year: Bryan Hefflinger, Liberty Center.

Linemen of the year: Justin Gillen, Liberty Center; Steven Petroff, Ashland Crestview.

Coach of the year: Lucas Smith, Hicksville.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Matt Tobin, Sherwood Fairview, 6-0, 160, jr.; R.J. Stratton, Bluffton, 6-1, 165, sr.; Seth Rall, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-3, 215, sr. Tight end—Kevin Kline, Hamler Patrick Henry, 6-5, 215, sr. Linemen—Zac Stoll, Hicksville, 6-4, 210, sr.; Nick Demaline, Liberty Center, 6-3, 265, soph.; David Bogart, Northwood, 6-3, 228, jr.; Coleman McCormick, Spencerville, 6-2, 250, jr.; Anthony Wilkerson, Lima Central Cath., 6-2, 275, sr. Backs—Tony Bais, Liberty Center, 5-8, 190, sr.; Lucas Rosebrook, Hamler Patrick Henry, 5-9, 205, sr.; Jonathon Washington, Lima Central Cath., 5-9, 201, jr.; Zane Kieffer, Van Buren, 5-10, 160, sr. Quarterbacks—Evan Wyse, Archbold, 5-9, 165, soph.; Mitch Linhart, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 6-2, 180, jr.; Tyler Tyree, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 6-4, 200, sr. Kicker—Tanner Graybeal, Ashland Crestview, 5-7, 140, sr.; Kevin Coppus, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 5-6, 140, jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Jordan Harlamert, Coldwater, 6-1, 230, jr.; Joe Contreras, Hicksville, 5-9, 210, sr.; Justin Rohrs, Northwood, 6-2, 246, jr.; David Gremling, Lima Central Cath., 6-4, 200, sr.; Doug Agler, Bucyrus, 6-2, 250, sr.; John Miller, Bucyrus Wynford, 6-3, 220, sr. Linebackers—Jordan Klosterman, Coldwater, 6-3, 175, sr.; Jeffrey Timbrook, Sherwood Fairview, 6-1, 215, jr.; Jed Miller, Findlay Liberty-Benton, 5-8, 195, sr.; Brett Vanderpool, Ashland Crestview, 6-0, 185, sr.; Kyle Depinet, Attica Seneca East, 5-10, 180, sr.; James Roush, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 6-2, 165, sr. Backs—Jordan Chapin, Coldwater, 5-9, 170, jr.; Collin Grothaus, Columbus Grove, 5-11, 155, jr.; Brandon Distel, Carey, 6-3, 160, sr.; Jake Hill, Ashland Crestview, 6-0, 170, sr.; Mark Bouillon, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, 6-0, 165, jr. Punter—Drew Kortokrax, Delphos Jefferson, 5-11, 160, jr.

Honorable Mention

Riley Bransteter, Rockford Parkway, Tyler Matthews, Rockford Parkway; Ricky Hartley, Northwood; Fletcher Isaacs, Northwood; Michael Liska, Bluffton; Jeremy Basinger, Bluffton; Logan Skelly, Bluffton; Wade Heffner, Columbus Grove; Jordan Travis, Columbus Grove; Austin Jettinghoff, Delphos Jefferson; Tony George, Delphos Jefferson; Quinten Wessell, Delphos Jefferson; Justin Rode, Delphos Jefferson; Dominick Corso, Spencerville; Lucas Krouskop, Spencerville; Daniel Binkley, Spencerville; Corey Stump, Lima Central Cath.; Austin Bracy, Lima Central Cath.; Mykale Rogers, Lima Central Cath.; Vincent Fosburgh, Lima Central Cath.; Gabe Schwaiger, Lima Central Cath.; Brandon Fausnaugh, Carey; Jacob Bash, Carey; Kyle Bowsher, Liberty-Benton; Larry Lauger, Liberty-Benton; Seth Chandler, Bucyrus; Michael Purcell, Bucyrus; Tyler George, Ashland Crestview; Aaron King, Ashland Crestview; Clay Hall, New London; Dane Held, New London; Clayton LaFleur, New London; Cody Schultz, Attica Seneca East; Ethan Caudill, Attica Seneca East; Elliott Lee, Attica Seneca East Ian Rectenbach, Carey; Brandon Fausnaugh, Carey; Ben Timmons, Kansas Lakota; Dillon Stahl, Kansas Lakota; Chris Robbins, Kansas Lakota; Jared Columber, Gibsonburg; Curt Davies, Gibsonburg; Brent Kromer, Gibsonburg; Logan Jones, Gibsonburg; Jon Angelone, Gibsonburg; Derek Luth, Rockford Parkway; Justin Wells, Mt. Blanchard Riverdale; Craig Galindo, Castalia Margaretta; Austin Harrison, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon; Logan Greiner, Kansas Lakota; Austin Little, Defiance Tinora; John Segura, Northwood; Gavin Windau, Columbus Grove; Trevor Tyson, Bloomdale Elmwood; Evan Schaeffer, Attica Seneca East; Sean Westhoven, Liberty Center; Dylan Horner, Haviland Wayne Trace, Evan Perkins, Northwood; Niko Molino, Spencerville; Austin Tschanen, Carey; Nick Russell, Northwood; Jon Sandwisch, Elmore Woodmore; Troy Otten, Coldwater; Austin Farrington, Defiance Tinora; Zach Rader, Van Buren; Collin Molnar, Northwood; Jake Baker, Bloomdale Elmwood; Ian Rechtenbach, Carey; Cody Caldwell, Casta lia Margaretta; Jake Michaels, Attica Seneca East; Logan Kirby, Bascom Hopewell-Loudon; Austin Dennison, Rockford Parkway; Steve McGraw, Hamler Patrick Henry; Clayton Wielinski, Metamora Evergreen; Devin Johnson, Liberty Center; Tyler Mack, Northwood; Jacob Bash, Carey; Tanner Wyse, Archbold; Garrett Loeffler, Metamora Evergreen; Anthony Righi, Liberty Center; Jeremy Bowers, Liberty Center; Danny Young, Archbold; Kolin Schilt, Archbold; Andy Guilford, Sherwood Fairview; Keith Palmer, Hamler Patrick Henry; Pete Sinn, Haviland Wayne Trace.


First Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Jacob Ansley, Ada, 6-0, 190, jr.; Devin Mangas, Leipsic, 5-11, 170, jr.; Justin Herrnstein, New Washington Buckeye Central, 6-4, 185, sr.; Nathan Stark, Edgerton, 6-1, 154, sr. Linemen—Greg Hartke, Maria Stein Marion Local, 6-0, 210, sr.; Ryan Will, Minster, 6-2, 200, sr.; Alex Wehri, Delphos St. John’s, 6-1, 230, sr.; Ross Benton, Leipsic, 6-1, 260, sr.; Brian Mohr, Arlington, 6-1, 243, sr.; Nathan Mathias, Tiffin Calvert, 6-0, 285, sr. Backs—Jake Heitkamp, Maria Stein Marion Local, 5-7, 190, sr.; Jerry Brown, McComb, 6-1, 180, jr.; Shannon Geren, Edon, 5-8, 180. sr.; Jimmy Radabaugh, Edgerton, 6-1, 168, sr. Quarterbacks—Konnor Baker, Ada, 6-3, 205, sr.; Tyler Erwin, New Washington Buckeye Central, 6-4, 200, sr. Kicker—Stephen Smith, Tiffin Calvert, 5-8, 155. jr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Rob Wente, Minster, 6-2, 200, sr.; Greg Berger, Leipsic, 5-11, 220, sr.; Michael Jones, McComb, 5-9, 160, jr.; Bryce Collins, New Washington Buckeye Centrtal, 6-1, 290, sr.; Isaac Livengood, Norwalk St. Paul, 5-8, 215, sr. Linebackers—Daniel Gusching, Minster, 6-3, 217, sr.; Justin Rutschilling, Maria Stein Marion Local, 6-2, 200, sr.; Brett Schwinnen, Delphos St. John’s, 6-0, 215, jr.; Chris Beaschler, Ada, 6-0, 205, sr.; Garrett Schling, Arcadia, 5-10, 215, sr.; Shawn Dankleson, Norwalk St. Paul, 5-10, 185, sr. Backs—Tanner Calvelage, Delphos St. John’s, 6-1, 190, sr.; Tyler Harris, Cory-Rawson, 5-9, 150, jr.; Lucas Kennedy, Lakeside Danbury, 5-11, 185, sr.; Brody Flegal, Edgerton, 6-4, 166, sr. Punter—Tyler Hicks, Plymouth, 6-1, 210, sr.

Offensive player of the year: Tyler Erwin, New Washington Buckeye Central.

Defensive player of the year: Daniel Gusching, Minster.

Lineman of the year: Ross Benton, Leipsic.

Coach of the year: Nate Moore, Minster.

Second Team

OFFENSE: Ends—Derek Gaerke, Fort Recovery, 6-2, 170, sr.; Lee Pierron, Maria Stein Marion Local, 6-0, 150, sr.; Cory Schenk, Lakeside Danbury, 6-3, 180, sr.; Jordan Sessler, Fremont St. Joseph, 5-6, 150, jr. Linemen—Clay Bornhorst, Minster, 6-2, 207, sr.; Stephen Budwit, Ada, 6-1, 225, sr.; Josh Turnwald, Leipsic, 6-1, 260, sr.; Jerry Gibson, McComb, 5-9, 180, sr.; Alex Recker, Tiffin Calvert, 6-1, 255, sr.; Preston Knecht, Edgerton, 5-8, 158, sr.; Matt Cook, Edon, 6-1, 220, jr. Backs—Will Longthorne, Tol. Ottawa Hills, 5-11, 188, jr.; Kellen Decker, Ada, 5-10, 180, jr.; Dalton Ishmael, North Baltimore, 6-2, 190, jr.; Nick Swainhart, Lucas, 5-11, 190, jr. Quarterbacks—Zach Kuhlman, Leipsic, 6-2, 170, soph.; Josh Breece, Pandora-Gilboa, 6-3, 212, sr. Kicker—Lucas Huntley, Arcadia, 5-10, 165, sr.

DEFENSE: Linemen—Jack Homan, Maria Stein Marion Local, 6-2, 210, sr.; Jared Burger, Convoy Crestview, 5-10, 280, sr.; Thayne Recker, Arlington, 6-4, 218, sr.; Jake Michael, Edon, 6-0, 225, sr.; Dylan Nickels, Edgerton, 5-11, 267, sr. Linebackers—Kyle Neumeier, Delphos St. John’s, 5-11, 195, sr.; Jake Leonard, Arlington, 6-1, 183, sr.; Adam Paynter, New Washington Buckeye Central, 5-11, 170, sr.; Zach Picou, North Robinson Colonel Crawford, 6-0, 185, sr.; Luke Stierwalt, Fremont St. Joseph, 6-1, 210, jr.; Jon Morter, Sycamore Mohawk, 6-0, 215, sr. Backs—Trevor Homan, Maria Stein Marion Local, 6-2, 195, sr.; Ryan Densel, Delphos St. John’s, 5-9, 173, sr.; Nate Nuveman, Leipsic, 6-0, 150, sr.; Craig Miller, Plymouth, 5-8, 150, sr. Punter—Blaiz McBride, Arlington, 6-0, 165, jr.

Honorable Mention

Kenny Wenning, Ft. Recovery; Troy Williams, New Bremen; Kyle Stahl, St. Henry; Shawn Zaborski, Oregon Cardinal Stritch; Mack Schwamberger, Oregon Cardinal Stritch; Michael Blazevich, Oregon Cardinal Stritch; Isaac Barringer, Tol. Christian; Trevor Roop Crestview; Matt Holden, Crestview; C.J. Castle, Ridgemont; Tyler Tillman, Ridgemont; Brandon Overs, USV; Shaquille Douglas, Perry; Quis Woods, Perry; Jordan Bergfeld, Delphos St. John’s; Cody Wilson, McComb; Austin Westenbarger, McComb; Trevor Schroeder, Leispic; Zach Miller, Fostoria St. Wendelin; Levi Hovest, Pandora-Gilboa; Johnathon Kloepfer, Vanlue; Trevor Colman, Arcadia; Levi Myers, Plymouth; Brandon Green, St. Mary Central Cath.; John Burrow, Monroeville; Zach Miller, Fostoria St. Wendelin; Travis Baird, Sycamore Mohawk; Nathan Weinandy, Sycamore Mohawk; Joe Brickner, Tiffin Calvert; Mat Buchman, Tiffin Calvert; Nathan Ritzler, Tiffin Calvert; D.J. Hagerman, Defiance Ayersville; Justin Flory, Defiance Ayersville; Nick Milgrim, Plymouth; Cruz Stepp, Lucas; Aric Shock, Sycamore Mohawk; Jared Crampton, West Unity Hilltop; Bryce Biglin, Crestline; Aaron Vagedes, Fort Recovery; Ben Chaney, New Bremen; Gabe Hennon, Waynesfield Goshen; Jason Pottkotter, Fort Recovery; Zack Yeckley, Fremont St. Joseph; Keegan Long, Edon; Michael Geiger, Tol. Ottawa Hills; Adam Stuckert, North Robinson Colonel Crawford; Justin Feeman, Crestline; Marcus Somers, Tiffin Calvert; Ron Jarvis, Waynesfield-Goshen; MacLain Dyer, Upper Scioto Valley; Levi Harris, Lucas; Dan Kwiat, Tiffin Calvert; Jacob Adams, Edgerton; Ryan Aelker, Holgate.