Regional Roundup: Ada student gets hands on medical experience at CampMed

September 24, 2011

ADA — Gabriella “Gabby” Linnon, a freshman at Ada High School, participated in The University of Toledo's CampMed. Her guidance counselor at Ada High School told her about the program.Gabriella is the daughter of Petra Linnon. “We have a family full of health-care workers. I have an aunt that is a general surgeon, my mother, my sister and I are all registered nurses,” Petra Linnon said. “As long as I can remember, she has heard of health care and has always taken an interest in stories. Gabby initially talked of becoming a thoracic surgeon. I told her that her life would be different as a surgeon. She is now interested in becoming a dermatologist.”The camp was full of hands-on activities. The students learned to suture, took part in simulated doctor/patient ailments where the student diagnosed the patient, viewed cadavers, applied casts and sat in on medical lectures, along with other medical activities.The University of Toledo hosts CampMed, a two-day program. Medical students served as camp counselors. CampMed began in 1998. To be accepted in this competitive scholarship program, each applicant must submit letters of recommendation and nomination from a previous science and math teacher. Additionally, students are required to write an essay and have a high grade-point average. Only 25 percent of the people who applied were accepted.Shawnee Elmwood contacted by Inside EditionLIMA — Shawnee Elmwood Principal Leigh Daily was contacted by the television news show “Inside Edition” after the show learned about the 10 sets of twins attending kindergarten this year. The Lima News had a centerpiece story about the 10 set of twins in the Sept. 8, 2011, newspaper. “They wanted to know if they were to interview us, if we would be interested in letting them come in and do some taping,” Daily said. She gave the secretary information about the twins, and the secretary said she would pass the information on to the producers. “We have had no follow-up yet.”Shawnee Elmwood's Ms. Berger Reading Garden dedicatedLIMA — Shawnee Elmwood held a dedication ceremony Thursday to honor teacher Monica Berger and to dedicate the Ms. Berger Reading Garden.Berger taught school at Shawnee Elmwood before succumbing to cancer in February. The Parent Teacher Committee held a candle sale at the end of last school year, with money going toward this endeavor.“It was a group effort from the PTC parents,” said Penny Spainhower, treasurer of the Shawnee PTC. “She was such a wonderful person and sent such a great message to the students and staff. She had a love for reading and teaching reading, and this was a way for us to honor her.”The Ms. Berger Reading Garden is behind Shawnee Elmwood Elementary School and consists of benches and a path. Different characters from books can be seen hanging in the area and along the fence.The garden came together thanks to several anonymous donors. Spieles Nurseries donated landscaping, Whitney Painting did the painting and Performance Paint donated the paint.Lima representatives attend conferenceLIMA — When neighborhood advocates traveled to Cincinnati last week, they took a little of Lima with them. Actually, a lot of Lima.City and county neighborhood association members attended the annual Regional Neighborhood Network Conference and carried with them a basket of goodies to be raffled off to pay the host city's costs. The city basket raffle is a tradition. Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Association Jacqueline Tyre made sure Lima was well represented.She cast a wide net and the community response was overwhelming, Tyre said. The winner of Lima's basket received a Beanie, an Abrams model tank and even Helen Mack's Christmas Tree Festival spicy salt. The basket also included shirts, hats, mugs, bags, pens, umbrella, key chains, mouse pads, note pads, playing cards, a football, a barbecue set and a cooler.In 2008, Lima hosted the event, which draws groups from 22 cities in five states.O'Neal runs for Team BigelowLIMA — Sherri O'Neal recently took part in a half-marathon at the 15th Annual U.S. Airforce Marathon held in Dayton. Her time was 2:19.O'Neal was trained by Baton Rouge resident Jeremy Bigelow. Bigelow is a quadriplegic after suffering injuries in an auto accident. Prior to his accident, he was a marathon runner.O'Neal is vice president of business development at Baton Rouge Health Services Community. “As soon as I met him, I could tell there was something special,” O'Neal said. “His eyes light up and he has a fabulous smile.” “Jeremy came to us the latter part of March, and by May we got into the training part,” O'Neal said. “He walked me through the entire process. He would tell me how much he wanted me to run through the day. The only thing that I have done before were 5Ks. A half marathon distance is 13.1 miles. When Jeremy and I first started talking, he would say go out and run five miles, and then he would say six miles. He said it was plenty of time to prepare me for it.”Bigelow's family and friends have created Team Bigelow to help defray Bigelow's medical costs. O'Neal asked the staff at Baton Rouge, family, friends and Amanda Lakes neighbors to donate $13.10 toward her run. “Right now, I am up to $2,100,” O'Neal said.Bigelow returned to his home in Sylvania last week, but O'Neal is determined to continue her running.To donate to Team Bigelow, make checks payable to Jeremy R. Bigelow Trust, C/o Baton Rouge Health Services Community, 2440 Baton Rouge Ave., Lima, OH 45805, Attn: Team Bigelow.