Kenton vandals face charges

June 3, 2011

KENTON Vandalism has gotten another group of Kenton teenagers in trouble, continuing a string of incidents over the past several years.Seventeen Kenton High School graduating seniors face criminal trespassing charges after someone entered the school sometime last weekend after the May 28 graduation.According to a Kenton Police report, the students moved and stacked up furniture to block hallways, filled trash cans with water and placed hundreds of paper cups filled with water throughout the school. They also smeared peanut butter on door handles and push bars.The school's janitorial staff found the mess at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday and reported it to police. The district delayed classes for two hours while volunteers helped clean the mess. School officials could not be reached for comment.The seventeen students include one juvenile. Fourteen of the seventeen were scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Hardin County Municipal Court. Police said they believe students had keys to the school building.This isn't the first time Kenton students have been in the news for vandalism. Three 14-year-old students caused more than $23,000 in damage to the middle school in 2003, closing the school for two days so that staff could clean up the damage. The three set off fire extinguishers, broke windows and overturned cabinets and desks.Five Kenton teenagers were involved in a deer decoy prank in 2005. The teens placed a decoy deer used in hunting on a road, causing a car crash that seriously injured two other teens.Ten Kenton teenagers were accused of vandalism at 15 to 20 homes north of the city in 2007.You can comment on this story at