Pupils at Cridersville sent packing over odd odor

April 7, 2011

CRIDERSVILLE — Administrators with Wapakoneta City Schools sent pupils and teachers at Cridersville Elementary School packing Thursday morning after an unknown odor filled the building.Wapakoneta Superintendent Keith Horner said the unidentified smell was noticed as folks began arriving at the elementary school early in the day. No one could immediately identify the source.“We felt it was necessary to be cautious and evacuate the building,” Horner said.Pupils were taken to Wapakoneta High School, where they spent the day in the auditorium. School officials called in the Cridersville Fire Department, Slagle Mechanical and Allied Environmental Services, which took air samples. Horner said once it was clear no results would be quickly available, officials notified parents that they could either come pick up their children, or the school would take them home at the regular end of the day.Horner said the air quality results came back normal so school will be in session today. Meanwhile, officials continued trying to pin down the source of the smell.Horner said about 340 pupils attend the school, which opened at the beginning of the school year.You can comment on this story at