Met Housing fires maintenance manager

October 26, 2010

LIMA — The Allen Metropolitan Housing Authority fired its maintenance manager Tuesday, two and a half months after firing its executive director.

In a meeting Tuesday, the board unanimously voted to fire maintenance manager Traci Rogers. The board accused him of insubordination, failing to report to the executive director, and copying files from the director’s computer without permission.

Board President Lamont Monford said the decision on Rogers was taken after a thorough investigation.

“We had to wait until the process was completed. After so doing, we felt his actions merited the termination of his employment,” he said.

The board voted Aug. 11 to fire executive director Cindy Ring. Earlier that week, the board put Rogers on paid administrative leave but didn’t explain why.

In documents released Tuesday, AMHA leaders accuse Rogers of being insubordinate at an Aug. 6 meeting to look into concerns about Executive Director Cindy Ring, who was suspended Aug. 2.

At that meeting, Rogers accused Monford of being biased toward former Assistant Director Daniel Hughes and incapable of being objective. He also said he didn’t like being questioned by the board president, according to the documents.

During that meeting, Rogers admitted to not reporting directly to Hughes as ordered, but to Ring instead, according to his notice of predisciplinary hearing.

That notice also details accusations that Rogers removed and ordered the destruction of files stored on Ring’s computer.

Attempts to reach Rogers for comment were not successful.

Also at the meeting, the board appointed Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator Tiffany Wright as the new assistant director.

Choosing Rogers’ replacement is up to Director Anna Schnippel, Monford said.