Vogt fits the bill for Shawnee

May 19, 2010

SHAWNEE TOWNSHIP — As Shawnee athletic director Dick Heath was searching for a new boys basketball coach, he didn’t know what teaching positions would open up. But in a convenient case of serendipity, Don Vogt’s resume ran across Heath’s desk at the same time a teaching position in the English department came open.

It just so happened Vogt is an English teacher and basketball coach. Long story short, Vogt was introduced as the Indians boys basketball coach Wednesday at the high school.

“It is a good tradition of a lot of different things, athletics and academics and co-curriculars, band and so on,” Vogt said. “I’m very fortunate to be a part of it. As far as nerves and keeping up with it, I do what I do. I do what I’ve taught myself and what I’ve learned from other people. That has taken me a long way.”

Vogt most recently was head coach at Cambridge, where he led the team to a 61-51 record over five seasons. The high water mark came in 2009, when the Bobcats went 20-6, won the East Central Ohio League and was the Division II regional runner-up.

Vogt was named the Division II coach of the year for that season.

“We had a great deal of interest in our basketball position here. I think it’s a very good job,” Heath said, noting there were 30 applicants for the job. “We knew what we wanted. … We wanted someone that was a proven winner.”

Vogt, a 1986 graduate of West Central High School in Indiana, received a bachelor of arts degree from Marion College in Indianapolis and a masters degree from the Indiana University in Fort Wayne.

He began his head coaching career at Parkway in 1996. The Panthers went 51-55 over five years, winning the 2001 Division III sectional.

He moved on to Coldwater in 2001, where he went 45-42 in four years. The Cavaliers won the 2002 Division III sectional title and were co-champions of the Midwest Athletic Conference in 2003.

Vogt is anxious for the summer, to get into the gym and see exactly what types of athletes he has to work with.

“We as coaches often adjust to the players, but I told them in the interview process if I had my pick, our kids are going to run and they’re going to play a very uptempo game,” Vogt said. “Defensively, I’ve always liked to get after people full-court, some kind of pressing-type of situation. … From what I hear, that seems to fit in well.”

Vogt will be an English teacher in the district. He will move his family, wife and two children into the district as well.

“One of the big draws besides the basketball was the fact that the school is excellent with distinction on the report card. That was huge for me. I want to be a part of that kind of faculty. I want my kids to go to this kind of school,” Vogt said. “When we got into the process, things seemed very, very comfortable. When things seem comfortable to me, it’s right.”