Jose Bulerin denied parole in 1990 murder of Bath High School student

May 14, 2010

LIMA — The family of a Bath High School student murdered in 1990 has a seven year break before they have to restart their fight to keep their son’s killers behind bars.

Their most recent fight ended Friday when Ryan Young’s family found out Jose Bulerin was denied parole and will not be up for more than 10 years.

“We’re just very pleased with the outcome. We appreciate all the community’s support,” Sharon Young said.

The Youngs, with the help of others, collected more than 5,000 signatures or letters of opposition to the release of Bulerin who, with Richard Joseph, kidnapped and murdered Ryan Young in 1990.

Bulerin, who turned 59 last week, will be 69 years old before he has another chance to apply for parole again.

Allen County Prosecutor Juergen Waldick said he met with the parole board two weeks ago to recommend Bulerin serve a life sentence.

“This was a premeditated, calculated, abduction and murder. He should never be released,” Waldick said.

Joseph, who already has been denied parole once, does not have a parole hearing until May 2017. Joseph is now 39.

Joseph originally received a death sentence but the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals struck that down citing a misplaced word in the indictment that prosecutors corrected before Joseph stood trial.

Joseph was resentenced to life in prison with the chance for parole.