More H1N1 in Delphos schools

October 16, 2009

DELPHOS — Delphos schools has another case of the H1N1 flu, Allen County Health Department officials reported Friday.

The child lives in the Van Wert County portion of Delphos. The child’s age or details of the illness are not available, said Kim Rieman, disease surveillance coordinator with the health department.

Two cases were confirmed last week at Delphos Middle School. The pupils, who are friends, have recovered and are back at school.

Delphos Superintendent Jeff Price did not know of the newest case Friday, but said the school continues to take precautions.

“If people are sick, we’re asking them to stay home, and make sure the symptoms are gone for 24 hours,” he said. “If someone gets sick or ill at school, we’re isolating them and sending them home.”

Hand sanitizers are available in the schools for pupils and staff, he said. The district also sent home letters including good health instructions. It continues to monitor absences daily, Price said, saying the number has dropped to close to normal.

The health department expects there have been other cases of H1N1 in the county and expect more to come, said Kathy Luhn, director of health education. It’s likely that some have already had mild cases, but didn’t know it.

Awareness of the virus and ways to prevent it are gaining momentum.

“I think people are hearing it and realizing that they need to be aware and a little more vigilant and more conscious of their own habits,” Luhn said.

Residents can pre-register for the H1Ni vaccine at The county health department is planning clinics for November depending on the vaccine availability. No clinics have been scheduled yet.

The vaccine is being prioritized for high-risk groups, including children, pregnant women, people who live with or care for children under six months, health care and EMS personnel, and those with chronic medical conditions.

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