Letter: PERS contributions saved in state budget

July 20, 2009

Gov. Strickland’s proposal to cut Ohio Public Employee Retirement System contributions from 14 percent to 8 percent held potential to be devastating the state’s financial health by intentionally underfunding the state employee’s pension system.

The governor’s proposal to reduce OPERS funding would have wreaked havoc on those retirees who rely on this system’s current provision of a secure retirement, as well as current public employees who hope to establish a dependable future through OPERS. This proposal would cause irreparable damage to the system, ultimately resulting in the possible elimination of health care benefits within 10 years.

Thanks to the efforts of District 2 Public Employee Retirement Inc. members for all their extraordinary efforts who made calls or sent e-mails and letters. They have saved health care for the time being. The budget proposal to cut state employee retirement contributions is declared dead. Thank you again for being prepared for immediate action. Any PERS retiree wishing to become a member of PERI may do so by calling, Dorothy Silver, District 2 representative at 419-394-4527.