Story helps people understand disease

December 28, 2007

BARBARA FREEZEOttawaI was so touched by the article about Alex Evans, the young man with cerebral palsy (“Keeping his balance: LCC student doesn’t let cerebral palsy slow him,” Dec. 16). I have a 7-year-old grandson, diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 6 months. After years of wondering “why,” or what went wrong with our little Zac, I realized this wonderful child has been a complete blessing to us.It is so heartwarming to see articles on special needs children, to remind us of the things they can achieve in their struggle of a not-so-easy lifestyle. They are fighters and they do not give up easily. My grandson may never do all the things Alex has done, but each little thing he accomplishes means the world to us.More people need to understand children like Alex and Zac. Stories such as The Lima News has printed help that cause.A great deal of love and prayers go into caring for a child with cerebral palsy.I realized early on that I wouldn’t give up having Zac in my life for anything in the world. He is a wonderful daily lesson in life.