First Posted: 6/16/2014

St. Rita’s Medical Center

June 11 — Heather and Joseph Stebleton, Lima, boy; Samantha Vogel and Keene Sullivan, Lima, girl.

June 12 — Kristan and Adam Dietz, St. Marys, girl; Megan Burgei and Daniel Hitchcock, Columbus Grove, boy.

June 13 — Kelsey Liles and Denzell Marshall, Lima, girl; Alexandrea and Cory Spurlin, Lima, boy; Heather Nofer and Seth Walter, Van Wert, boy; Alyssa and Ross Evans, Van Wert, girl; Sarah and Michael Anderson, Lima, boy.

June 14 — Karis and Sean Thines, Lima, girl; Jessie Ausland and Michael Baldauf, Lima, boy; Miranda Hart and Robert Burns III, Elida, girl; Emily and Lowell Moore, Lima, boy; Shannon and Timothy Chiles, Lima, boy; Amber Pelfrey and Adam Faulkner, Findlay, girl.

June 15 — Amanda and Andy Knueve, Delphos, boy; Renee Fisher and Michael Hollon, Lima, twin boys; Mindy and Bryan Troyer, Columbus Grove, boy.

Lima Memorial Health System

June 11 — Joy and Josh Develvis, Delphos, boy; Jasmine Liles and Jermonte Healey, Lima, boy.