First Posted: 12/19/2007

VICTOR COLOMBINILimaIn my last letter (“Weather panic based on ignorance,” Nov. 17), I presented evidence that global cooling and warming have occurred before man could have had any influence.Does the media report that Earth is still recovering from the multicentury cold spell known as the Little Ice Age or that, from 1940 to 1975, temperatures fell while CO2 emissions increased? Of course not.Scientists Fred Singer and Dennis Avery report in their book “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years” that there is evidence of 600 glacial warming and cooling periods in the last million years. Professor Henrik Svenmark and Niger Calder in “The Chilling Stars” write that cosmic rays amplify small changes in the brightness of the sun, causing one- to two-degree increases in the temperature of Earth.Those who believe that man’s activities are responsible for global warming claim cow flatulence is a significant pollutant. Usually, no mention of other animals or humans is made. The burning of fossil fuels and emissions from engines are important, too. Interestingly, a pollution-eating device is being used to cut diesel pollution.Since the Nobel Peace Prize Committee ignores both variations in the amount of solar energy reaching Earth and the scientist with different views regarding global warming, I have an idea that these days should be worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Engineers should develop pollution-eating devices for cows, other animals and humans. When developed, I will send two to Al Gore, the alarmist of huge mansion and private jets fame, with precise instructions as to where to place them.In my opinion, all sides of important issues should and must be presented. That ought to make sense to everyone.